Rent out your van when you aren't using it

Rent out your van when you aren't using it

Have you thought about how handy it would be to earn money by renting out your van when you aren’t driving it?

By renting out your van through Car Next Door, you can share your van with people in your community and save money!

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Private van owners across Australia are renting out their vans when they aren’t using them, through Australia’s neighbourly car sharing community, Car Next Door.

Van owners can make thousands of dollars a year renting out their van. Melbourne landscape designer Michael earns around a $1000 a month by sharing his Ford Transit van when he isn’t using it.

“I’ve got a late-model van that I use off and on for carting plants around. Most of the time it’s empty, so it has worked out very well,” Mr Tanner said. “It’s good for me as a small business. I don’t frequently need it but when I need it I just book it.”

Michael who rents out his van on Car Next Door

If you’ve got a work van that sits idle at evenings or weekends, have been thinking of buying a van for personal use, or potentially even looking for your own rent-to-own-a-van solution, renting out your van on Car Next Door might be a great option for you.

Peer-to-peer car sharing and van sharing is spreading across the globe, with companies like Turo in the United States, Drivy and Drive and Share in Europe all enabling this new style of car ownership.

How do you rent out your van?

  1. Apply to list your van to start renting it out
  2. Car Next Door’s owner onboarding team will call you to answer any questions. If you’re keen to proceed, they’ll book in a time to install your GPS, stickers and lockbox.
  3. Set the rates you want to charge for your van, and complete your profile.
  4. Your van is now live and ready to be rented out by members of your community!

What is renting out my van to people in my community like?

Four years ago, Andy Corcoran found himself regretting the purchase of a second van for his property maintenance business after his business went through a slow period. When he heard about Car Next Door, he decided to start renting out his van on the platform.

“I got maybe half a dozen bookings in the first couple of months then all of a sudden it just snowballed — now the van can be out for one or two hours or one or two days at a time, especially over the Christmas holiday period, when it can be booked out,” he said. “It’s generally there for rent 24/7 and if I ever need it, I just book it out for myself and take it.”

Andy rents out his van and has earnt 40,000 dollars

Andy is still sharing his van with members of his community. Instead of leaving the van idle in his garage, by renting it out to his neighbours Andy has been able to turn his unused asset into a passive moneymaker. Since he joined Car Next Door in 2014, Andy’s formerly unwanted work van has netted him $40,000.

“It’s a really cool way of using a vehicle when you don’t need it for yourself.”

When Andy needs to use his van, he just blocks out the time in his calendar using the Car Next Door app.

If you have a regular appointment or time you know you’ll need your van for, you can also use a recurring block out. This ensures that your van will be available for when you need it, and ready to share when you don’t!

What are some of the other perks of hiring out your van?

Fully comprehensive van insurance and 24/7 RACV Roadside Assistance

When you rent out your van on the Car Next Door platform, you pay a $60 a month membership fee that includes fully comprehensive insurance. When you join Car Next Door, you can cancel your existing comprehensive insurance. Damage to your vehicle is covered under Car Next Door’s fleet insurance policy.

This insurance covers you whenever you drive your van, and any borrowers when they hire your van through Car Next Door. Many van owners were paying more than $60 a month for private van owner insurance, so the membership fee is a saving even before their van has earned money through rentals.

Angie, who shares her RAV4 on the Car Next Door platform found that “just by moving my insurance across, I was already ahead $320 a year.”

Offsetting your impact

Car Next Door is on a mission to free people and the planet from the ‘one person, one car’ mentality. By sharing your van, you are helping to reduce the number of vehicles that need to be manufactured to meet demand. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but the more your van gets used, the lower its lifetime environmental impact. This is because most of a van’s Temissions are actually created during the manufacturing and shipping process (think of the materials that need to be mined and processed, and the ship burning fuel to get it to Australia). These ‘embodied’ emissions will often match or even exceed the exhaust pipe emissions over its lifetime, so the more use your van gets, the lower its emissions per kilometre.


We will offset all greenhouse gas emissions when people borrow your van

When someone rents out your van, all of the carbon emissions from their driving are offset through our partner Greenfleet‘s native reforestation projects around Australia. We calculate how much carbon is emitted by all of the vehicles being driven by borrowers, and then fund Greenfleet to plant biodiverse, permanent forests on deforested land around Australia. Your van could plant trees that address deforestation, provide food and shelter for native wildlife, reduce soil erosion and soil salinity, protect biodiversity values and improve water quality in river and streams.

Sharing your van with your community

People rent vans for all sorts of reasons - from SCUBA trips to band gigs, and from scientific expeditions to special weekends away. Small business owners find it a cost-effective way to get their goods to markets, and artists sometimes use them to set up exhibitions and shows. Some members use them as a low-cost way to distribute goods for charity. The most common reason is just to move some furniture - people love to save money by doing their own house move instead of getting a small moving truck.

By sharing your van with your neighbours, you are not only going to offset your costs, but also help people in your community to help each other out, get stuff done and save a bit of money on the way.

It takes just a few seconds to list your van - our team will get in touch to help get your van out and about.

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