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GoGet Hire Car Rates Comparison

GoGet vs Car Next Door price comparison - we've done the maths and we are up to 40% cheaper! We also have a FREE membership. Sign up in five minutes.

Maryse Dubois

Car Next Door: up to 40% cheaper than GoGet and other car share companies.

Car Next Door’s neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform has the convenience and security of the established car sharing services, but it’s up to 40% cheaper. It offers a low excess at a much lower cost and doesn’t lock you in to a high monthly spend. It’s also better for the environment, and it keeps your dollars in your local community.

Car Next Door, GoGet, Flexicar or Green Share Car: which is best?

So you’ve decided to try car-sharing and maybe even live car free. Great move! You’ll save money, help the environment, and reduce waste. Car-sharing is also becoming increasingly convenient: there are now several companies offering cars for rent by the hour or day in most major Australian cities.

The only question left to ask is: which car-sharing scheme should you should join?

There are several different factors to consider when deciding which car-share scheme is right for you, including the price and availability of cars in your area.


There are a lot of figures that go into this cost comparison, including excess reduction, per-kilometre charges and hourly rates. Exactly how much you’ll save by choosing Car Next Door depends on how much you use the service.

We’ve worked out the average savings for three ‘typical’ types of users, with the following driving patterns:

Frequency of use        Bookings per month                            Low        One 3-hour booking and one full-day booking                    Medium        Three 3-hour bookings and two full-day bookings                    High        Seven 3-hour bookings and five full-day bookings            

If you’re a low frequency user with the standard excess, you’ll pay about $80 a month with Car Next Door. With Green Share Car, goget-vs-flexicar/'>Flexicar and GoGet you’ll pay between $100 and $130 a month.

Low use scenario:


Medium use scenario:


A high frequency user with the standard excess would spend around $430 a month with Car Next Door, $510 with Green Share Car, $460 with Flexicar and $590 with GoGet.

High use scenario:


Lower risk at a lower cost

If you feel more secure with the lowest possible excess, Car Next Door really shines. With Car Next Door you can permanently reduce your excess down to $500 for just $19 a month. You can’t do this with any of the other three companies; if you want to lower your excess you’ll have to pay at least $1.75 per hour or $15 per day. This means that if you are a high-frequency user wanting to pay a low excess, you’ll save $134 - $268 a month ($1,608 – $3,216 a year) by choosing Car Next Door.

Low use scenario with reduced excess:


Medium use scenario with reduced excess:


High use scenario with reduced excess:


Only pay for the distance you drive

GoGet, Green Share Car and Flexicar all offer included kilometres. With Green Share Car you’ll get at least 150km included with every booking. Flexicar offers unlimited kilometres for hourly bookings and 100-150km included with daily bookings, depending on which membership plan you select. Both charge 39c for every kilometre you drive over the included distance. GoGet offers 150km with daily bookings, and with hourly bookings you’ll be charged 40c a kilometre.

If you know you’re travelling a long distance, included kilometres can offer peace of mind because you know the price you’ll pay is capped (provided you don’t drive further than 100 or 150km). The downside is that if you only need a car to get around town, you’ll still be paying for the included kilometres you don’t use. Car Next Door charges a flat rate for each kilometre you drive, meaning you only pay for the distance you actually drive.

Free membership

Car Next Door is the only car-sharing scheme in Australia with a free membership option. On the Featherweight plan, you’ll pay a $5 booking fee per trip and an optional fee to reduce your excess each trip. There are no monthly or yearly fees - if you don’t use us, you don’t pay a cent. GoGet, Flexicar and Green Share Car all charge membership fees, starting at $49 a year.

Availability of cars

For car-sharing to work, you need to be able to find a car near you whenever you want one. Each car-sharing network has cars in different locations, so before you sign up check where the nearest car is to you and how many are available in your area. All four companies let you search for cars before signing up.

Find your nearest Car Next Door

Environmental and community benefits

We think that all car-sharing is great. We think GoGet is great! We’re working towards a future where people can use a car now and then, but choose more active, less polluting transportation whenever possible. Car sharing is an important part of that vision. But neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing is even better for the environment and for local communities than the established models. Unlike GoGet, Green Share Car and Flexicar, we don’t need to manufacture new cars and freight them to your neighbourhood: our cars are already in your area.

Because Car Next Door uses cars that are already sitting idle in driveways instead of new cars purpose-bought for car-sharing, you pay less per hour and per day to use them. And the lion’s share of the money that you spend is paid to the people in your community who own the cars, so it says local.

Making better use of the cars already sitting in our streets just makes sense: it’s common sense for the common good.

Join the transportation revolution!

Car Next Door is operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Gold Coast! Sign up to become a member or to rent out your car and join the Australian car revolution!


For all scenarios we’ve based our calculations on the cheapest available cars from GoGet, Flexicar and Green Share Car, and an equivalent car on Car Next Door priced at $6 an hour or $30 a day, plus 33c per kilometre. All calculations are based on a distance of 10km travelled per hour and 50km travelled per day.

For the low use scenarios, we’ve based our calculations on the rates for Car Next Door’s Featherweight plan, GoGet’s GoStarter plan, Green Share Car’s Economy plan, and Flexicar’s Light plan.

For the medium use scenarios, we’ve based our calculations on the rates for Car Next Door’s Heavyweight plan, GoGet’s GoOccasional plan, Green Share Car’s Everyday plan, and Flexicar’s Moderate plan.

For the high use scenarios, we’ve based our calculations on the rates for Car Next Door’s Heavyweight plan, GoGet’s GoFrequent plan, Green Share Car’s Business plan, and Flexicar’s Regular plan.

We haven’t included membership fees in the calculations for any of these scenarios, with the exception of Car Next Door’s Heavyweight plan, which includes excess reduction for all trips for $19 a month. GoGet, Green Share Car and Flexicar all have membership fees that would be paid on top of these trip charges.

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