Why I work at Car Next Door: Marty

Why I work at Car Next Door: Marty

The short version of why I joined Car Next Door is that back in 2015 when we were still living in Collingwood I got a flyer in the mail from one of my neighbours who was sharing their car. I instantly fell in love with this concept.

About a year later, we decided to move to Sydney and I was pretty bored of working for and by myself for four years, so I had a look for some jobs. I stumbled across the Car Next Door Fleet Manager role almost by accident, and then pestered a very sceptical Will to give me the job.

I had some serious introspection about what keeps me at Car Next Door recently. I’m coming up to four years working here, and for me that feels like a massive amount of time. I had a really good think about whether I should be looking to move on, because there are three things I want to make sure I’m doing in order to enjoy my life:

  • Growing and developing
  • Working with a great team
  • Working for a company that is doing the most to change the world for the better

Once I compiled my thoughts it became pretty clear that Car Next Door ticks these boxes for me better than anywhere else.

First of all, and most importantly for me, I still can't think of a better company to work for in Australia in terms of changing the world for the better. So that gives me a lot of satisfaction in working for Car Next Door.

Second, I have had such great opportunities to grow at Car Next Door. I reckon I have grown more in my 3.5 years here, both personally and also in my career, than I have in any other equal period throughout my adult life - and I feel like I've had a reasonably interesting adult life.

Last, but certainly not least, of course I love working with such a fun, intelligent and hard working bunch of people.

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