The Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Australia

Planning on moving to Australia?

If you are travelling to Australia, this guide is an easy read to help prepare you for life in Australia!

Australia is an enormous country, with a diverse range of landscapes, cities, animals and people. You might think of us as the place of sun and sand (and we have a lot of both), but the number of awesome places to visit in Australia can be a little overwhelming! Before you come, ask yourself what you really want to see and what kind of holiday you enjoy.

Check out our infographic for advice on places to visit in Australia!

With tips on what to know before you arrive, advice about Australian cities and what they provide along with some of the best Australian movies to help give you some context about the land Down Under and its people!


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If you're emigrating here and need advice on what bank to choose, how to get Medicare or where to look for jobs, housing, which phone provider to choose, take a read of our Guide to Moving to Australia

Heading to Melbourne?

Take a look at our suggestions for the best free things you can do in Melbourne - galleries, history, landscape and cool street art, Melbourne has it all along with some bloody great coffee.

Heading to Sydney?

We've got you covered with our favourite free camping spots near to Sydney you can visit and for an overnight stay in some of the incredible NSW National Parks. If you're a dog lover and missing your pooch, Sydney has a lot of dog friendly parks and beaches for a lazy afternoon picnic and (hopefully) a dog cuddle or two!

Haven't quite decided on where to visit in Australia?

If you need some inpspiration these are some unmissable Australian destinations you should add to your list. If you're coming in our winter (June-August) there are some great winter activites in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane that you can experience if the sun and sand aren't really your thing.

Photo by Akshay Chauhan / Unsplash


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