Streamlining the damage and repair process

Streamlining the damage and repair process

When you start sharing your car, it's natural to worry that a Borrower might damage it. The good news is that damage is actually pretty rare in the Car Next Door community.

As of the end of 2017, only one in every 1,400 borrower trips resulted in "major damage" (over $3,000 worth of damage). This means that the average car would need to be on Car Next Door for close to 20 years before experiencing a major damage incident.

But when damage does happen, both you and we want to get your car fixed and back in action as soon as possible. And in recent months, our response times for damage cases have been unacceptably slow. We know that waiting for damage to be repaired is really frustrating, so we’ve been focusing our resources on improving the process and speeding things up.

Here's an overview of some of the big changes we’ve made already, and others we are are working on.

New communication process

We’ve redeveloped our communications to clearly lay out the process, next steps and estimated time frames right from when you first notify us of new damage. This gives you a clear idea of what happens next, how long it will take, and anything you need to do.

A bigger, better team

Over the past two months we have more than doubled the size of our Damage Team, hiring and training five new Damage Specialists with industry experience. The team is now humming along and efficiency is improving daily. Average response times are at 10 days, down from a high of 25 days. We’re working to improve response times further with more staff and better processes.

Direct contact details for Damage Specialists

Each damage case is now managed by one our Damage Specialists. Once we’ve assigned your case to a specialist, we’ll give you their direct phone number. You can get in touch with your Damage Specialist at any time to get an update or ask any questions. If you don’t reach them, be sure to leave a message and they will email you a detailed reply within 24 hours.

Better damage segmentation

We’ve streamlined our processes to get cases in the hands of the right Damage Specialists more quickly. This means less time talking with multiple team members -your claim gets directed right to the specialist who will manage it. In the coming months, we’re aiming to further reduce the back-and-forth by implementing a new system to collect more information upfront from whoever reports the damage.

App upload of Borrowers' before and after photos

Borrowers will soon be uploading their photos from before and after their trip straight to us through the app. This means no more waiting for Borrowers to send us their photos when damage is reported, which is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process at the moment. We’ll have instant access to the photos Borrowers have taken of your car, and you’ll be able to see these through the trip history too.

More accurate damage tracking

With Borrowers uploading photos in the app, you’ll quickly be able to check on your car from the trip history and have a record of your car’s condition over time. We’ve also retired the written damage log in favour of trip photos, as this is a more accurate and efficient way to track damage. You’ll soon be able to update your car’s condition report by uploading a new set of photos to your car’s profile.

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