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Money-saving tech – How to save $14,000 a year on your biggest expenses

Looking for easy ways to save money? Smart tech such as the Car Next Door app can help you save thousands a year.

Jessica Pilon-Summons

Written and published by Tillymoney 26 July 2021

Car Next Door featured as one of  Tillymoney's top 6 money-saving technology hacks to help you save thousands a year.

"Car expenses: save $4,000

If you’re like most car owners in Australia, your car probably sits idle about 96% of the time. According to Canstar’s Blue’s latest survey of new car owners, Aussies spend an average of $40,128 on new cars. The average cost of owning and running a small car is around $8,000 by the time you factor in insurance, registration, depreciation and running costs like fuel and servicing. That’s a huge expense for something that spends most of its life sitting around. Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Car Next Door makes it safe and easy to rent out your car to your neighbours at times you aren’t using it yourself. The average car then not only earns enough to cover the cost of annual registration and insurance, but actually brings in money – with the average car earning around $4,000 a year after expenses, which is more than enough to cover its standing costs, and some cars bringing in more than $12,000 a year."

Find out more about sharing your car.

Read Tillymoney's article in full.

Written and published by Tillymoney 26 July 2021

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