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Lockdown ending drives unprecedented demand for sharing

The end of lockdown is causing the demand for share services such as Car Next Door to surge.

Jessica Pilon-Summons

By Clair Weaver for 9 News

Watch the original 9 News segment 

After months of being locked in our homes, Sydneysiders are driving an unprecedented surge in demand for holidays.

The post-lockdown frenzy has created a shortage of accommodation and activities, with many areas booked out until next year and at a significant price increase.

Noticing this trend, savvy Australians are making a business out of car renting, similar to Airbnb with their homes.

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Andrew Bieber from Car Next Door said, "I think for a lot of people it's an opportunity to make use of an underutilised asset... instead of spending $8000 a year maybe keeping your car parked on the street."

Many major car-hire companies slashed their fleets at the beginning of the pandemic, some by up to 80%. With domestic travel on the rebound, some travellers have been finding it difficult to find affordable car hire.

Those sharing their car on Car Next Door have been able to take advantage of the increased demand whilst also helping Australians find affordable car hire for the summer holidays.

Watch the original 9 News segment

Find out how you could offset your car’s costs or build a business.

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