Sharing cars with your neighbours: it’s both weird and wonderful.

Sharing cars with your neighbours: it’s both weird and wonderful.

Think it might feel weird to drive a stranger’s car? You’re right

Photo: Maria Morri, Flickr.

It’s true – the first time driving someone else’s car feels a little weird.

It’s not quite like getting into a rental car, or corporate car share vehicle – this is a car that somebody loves.

The radio is on their favourite channel. The mirrors are set for someone else.

It feels just a tiny bit like walking into someone’s home when they’re not there.

Weird, right?

Well, yeah – but only for about three minutes. Then the warm fuzzies tend to kick in – or just a “hey, that was a lot easier than I expected” feeling. If you live car free, borrowing your neighbour's car might just be the best way to get around.

We ask everyone who tries neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing for the first time to let us know how they went.

Here’s what some of our first-time borrowers have said recently:

“I left a thank-you note for the owner of the car that I borrowed in Manly. I’d come back to Sydney to visit some friends for the first time in years, and having this car let me get around to see some of my favourite places and catch up with everyone. Borrowing the car for three days cost me well under $100, and when I dropped it back I felt really happy and grateful that this guy who I didn’t know had let me use his car. I’ve never felt a buzz dropping back a rental car – it’s a totally different experience.” (David)

“I kept expecting something to go wrong or some complication to crop up, but it was smooth sailing all the way. Nice work guys!” (Loki)

“Feels a little odd being in a stranger’s car – but I loved the price and convenience” (Debbie)

“I was a bit unsure about using the Lockbox for the first time – I’m used to swipe cards. Loved the customer service – Ani was so helpful and patient” (Andrea)

“The app works wonderfully. I never had any problems with what I needed to do next. Everything was painless. I also felt that if anything was going to go wrong that I was only a phone call away from getting it fixed. Thanks Ani for laughing at my jokes!” (Scott)

“It was a good quality car, it was cheap, and the car had a nice familiar feel because the Owner’s music was playing. And great service from you guys!” (Elisha)

“I loved the fact that there’s a car so close owned by a lovely neighbour I may already know or am yet to meet – plus knowing my use of this car is reducing our collective carbon footprint, by not adding to total number of cars in circulation.” (Indija)

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