4 ways to save time and money this Christmas with the sharing economy

4 ways to save time and money this Christmas with the sharing economy

1: Get your own Christmas Elf with Airtasker

Clean the house, get the tree, wrap the presents, tidy the garden, feed the hordes, send the cards, prepare for guests, set the table, and then clean up after the whole shebang – sheesh!

Just thinking about it is enough to take the sparkle off your tinsel.

An extra pair of hands to help can make the difference between “Holy $%*!” and “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

You can get (almost) any task done by posting it on Airtasker. Just:

  1. describe your task;
  2. select from the Airtaskers who offer to help; and
  3. get the job done.

2: Skip the post office queues – ship your parcels the easy, green way with Sendle

At Christmas time, the number of parcels sent in Australia goes up by 100,000 a day. What does that mean for you? More people jostling in line at the post office, and a whole lot more carbon emissions (because they don’t all travel by magical sleigh).

Sendle is a better way to send things: all the ‘post’, with none of the ‘office’. Skip the trip to the post office and get door-to-door, carbon neutral delivery within Australia from $7.95.

3: Need extra wheels? Rent your neighbour’s car.

If you live in the city or inner suburbs you can get by with no car or one car for your household for most of the year – but the extra errands, shopping and social events over the Christmas seasons sometimes call for an extra set of wheels.

Need a ute, van or small city car to get stuff done? Borrow one from your neighbours for a few hours or a few days through Car Next Door. It’s a low-cost way to get the mobility you need, and all of the emissions from your driving are offset with Greenfleet. Rates start from $5/hr or $25 a day (plus distance). Check out what vehicles are available in your neighbourhood.

4: Got a car that will be sitting idle while you eat pudding and pull bonbons? Rent it out and offset your Christmas spending.

Prefer to skip the Christmas traffic, order your presents online and sip your green tea in peace while others fight the Christmas shopping hordes? Put your idle car to work when you’re not using it, and offset your Christmas spending.

Most people who list their car on Car Next Door’s neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing site spend less than an hour a month managing it, and they take home an average of $230 a month (with top earners pocketing over $700 a month). Holiday periods are when the cars are most in demand, so register now to make the most of the season.

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