Rent my car out in Melbourne? Earn income from your car!

If you’ve ever wondered if it would be possible to rent out your car in Melbourne, we have good news for you! Car Next Door allows you to rent out your car, van or ute in Melbourne to help you save money on the costs of owning it.

Put your unused car or van to work by sharing it with people in your community. Offset, or generate income off your vehicle easily and safely through our trusted platform.

List your car for rent and put it to work.

The biggest perks of deciding to rent my car out

“Before I started renting my car out through Car Next Door, it would just sit in my driveway Monday to Friday, 9-5. I drive a scooter to work in Surry Hills. There’s no way I could find parking there and it’s faster on the scooter. Since I’ve been renting it out, my car is booked most weekends, and usually one or two days during the week.” Angie, Surry Hills

What’s different about car sharing? How does car sharing work?

Car Next Door isn’t your typical car hire company. We are Australia’s friendliest peer-to-peer car sharing platform, connecting car owners who want to offset the costs of their car with borrowers in their community.

Car sharing is one of those ideas that at first, you may think sounds kind of crazy. “Rent my car out to strangers? What about insurance? Damage? What if it gets stolen?”. Here's the good news: every single person who borrows a car through Car Next Door is covered with fully comprehensive insurance.

We are the Airbnb of car sharing

We essentially operate like the Airbnb of car sharing - we provide the platform, technology, security, customer service team and insurance so that you can safely rent out your car to your community.

Ten years ago people thought Airbnb was a crazy idea, and now in 2018, over 300 million night’s accommodation have been booked through Airbnb! What we think is actually crazy is the fact that people spend thousands of dollars maintaining and owning a car, only to have it sit around 95% of the time doing nothing. If your vehicle is an “asset”, why not treat it as one?

The advantages of peer-to-peer car sharing

People who are looking to rent cars from private owners can now also hire cars cheaper than through traditional car rental services. It’s also more convenient to borrow a car from your neighbour instead of having to travel to a car rental location.

For car owners, it’s a fantastic way to reduce your expenses. By sharing your car in Melbourne you can you can earn income from of your vehicle by renting out your car to people in your community or neighbourhood.

If your car is going to be sitting around doing nothing, why not rent it out? You could offset the cost of your car's insurance, registration and potentially even earn enough to have a free car!

For car owners that meet certain criteria, we are so confident your car will make you money we have a $2000 annual earnings guarantee.

Read about our $2000 guarantee

An additional $2000 a year works out to around $165 extra a month. Here’s what an extra $165 a month can buy you.


Get a personalised earnings estimate for your vehicle. Fill out an application to list your car and choose a time to get a quick call from us.

People all over Melbourne have started sharing their vehicles to offset their car costs. Anita lives in Carlton North and started car sharing with us in 2017 as a way to earn some of the money back she was spending on car ownership.

“I was going to sell my car due to the costs being so high to own one, but considering it's been reasonably well kept and is reliable, putting it up on the platform was a compromise and a way to get some of that money back on it while still having the convenience of owning my own car.” Anita, Melbourne.


Where in Melbourne can I rent my car out?

We’ve listed most of the suburbs below where we operate beow, but don’t worry if yours isn’t on there! We are always expanding into new areas, so if your area isn’t listed don’t worry! We may not have updated this blog post yet, so, please get in touch by filling out a quick application to list your car. We’ll let you know if we are there yet, and if not we’ll notify you when we are!

Fill out an enquiry application to start renting my car out in Melbourne

You can easily find a car or van near you by searching our fleet map, but to give you an idea of where we have vehicles in Melbourne take a look at the map. There are car sharing locations in Abbotsford, Balaclava, Brunswick, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Coburg, Carlton, Carlton North, Collingwood, East Melbourne, Elwood, Flemington, Parkville, Hawthorn, Malvern, Port Melbourne, Richmond, South Yarra, St Kilda, Toorak and more!

Car Next Door car sharing Melbourne locations

How do I rent my car out?

To get your car listed and starting to earn money, it’s really simple and only takes a few steps.

  1. Fill out an application to rent out your car online - it only takes five minutes.
  2. Receive a call from our onboarding team. They’ll answer any specific questions you have, and organise a time to install our technology - a GPS, toll tag and lockbox in your car.
  3. Finish filling out your vehicle's profile.
  4. Our installers will come out to install the car sharing technology in your car.
  5. You're ready to rent your car out in Melbourne!

We provide the insurance, technology and safety for you to rent out your car to your community. When you need to use your vehicle yourself, it’s easy to put a block out in your vehicle's calendar, so that it can’t be booked.

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