Rent a car from a private owner - peer-to-peer car rental Australia

Rent a car from a private owner - peer-to-peer car rental Australia

Renting a car from a private car owner, or peer-to-peer car rental (P2P) as it is also referred to, is a form of car sharing. Peer-to-peer car sharing allows everyday people to safely and securely rent their cars out to people in their community. It’s typically cheaper than traditional car hire, which is why it is growing in popularity among everyday Australians. Whether you're a local or visiting Australia for a short time, peer-to-peer car-sharing is an easy and cost effective way to access a car when you need one.

Car owners are motivated to share their car because they can reduce the cost of owning their vehicle by renting out their car when they aren’t using it. People who need a car or a specific vehicle (ie a van for moving) can rent it from a private car owner at a lower rate than a traditional car hire company. One of the other notable benefits of car sharing is that by borrowing your neighbour's car, you can help put money back into your local community.

Car Next Door is like Airbnb for cars

How does it work?

Car Next Door provides the platform, technology, insurance and support to enable people to safely rent out or borrow a car from a private owner. We facilitate the peer to peer sharing so that you’re protected by our insurance while you rent out your car.

Car Next Door Membership is FREE

To rent cars from private car owners:

  1. Sign up to join Car Next Door
  2. Get approved as a borrower by us (within three hours during business hours)
  3. Download the app (iOS or Android) or find a car on our website to make a booking.
  4. Head to your vehicle to get the keys and drive!

A huge variety of vehicle types

You can rent many different types of vehicles on Car Next Door: small cars, large cars, convertibles, utes and vans from private owners all around Australia. Once you’re an approved member you can borrow any vehicle on the platform. If you’re going on vacation for a weekend to another city and want to hire a car, you can easily book a Car Next Door and be on the road in minutes. If you have friends coming from interstate or overseas for a visit and you don’t have enough seats in your own car, Car Next Door is also a cheap car hire alternative for people movers and 7-9 seater vans.


Find a car to hire from a private owner near you

We provide fully comprehensive insurance

When you borrow a car, you’re fully covered by comprehensive insurance, just like with a regular hire car, so that if something does happen, you’re covered.

24/7 Roadside Assistance for everyone

We have arranged for 24/7 roadside assistance to be included through our platform, so if you do have an issue that requires assistance, they’ll be ready to help you out.

Technology to borrow a car

With our lockbox technology, you can instantly access a vehicle to borrow it, without having to arrange a time to meet with an owner. No waiting in lines and dealing with a desk agent, you can simply find a car, book it, open the lockbox to get the key and drive away. It’s simple, quick and easy.

We screen all members

Borrowers must pass a strict application process to be allowed to access cars. We use facial recognition technology, credit checks and insurance history questionnaires to ensure that all members are fully identified and screened before we allow them to book a car. We also set and enforce car-sharing etiquette and rules to keep all members of our neighbourly car sharing community safe and happy.

But why would I borrow from a private car owner instead of a traditional car rental company?

There are some major benefits of renting a car from a private owner over traditional car rentals which we will list here. Obviously we love peer to peer car rentals - that’s why we do what we do!

Benefits of renting cars from private owners


It isn’t just that renting from a private owner is cheaper than a car rental agency, it’s also the structure of how you can rent a car that is different with Car Next Door. Traditional car rentals are daily rentals only. This means that if you need a car to pop down to the shops for some groceries, your only option is to rent a car for 24 hours. With Car Next Door, the minimum booking time is an hour, so you only need to borrow a car for the time you actually need it for. Our platform is designed to not only enable you to borrow cars cheaply, but to encourage car sharing as an alternative to car ownership. If you only need a car once a fortnight (but you really need it), once you take into account the cost of owning a car, the fixed registration and insurance costs, it is actually cheaper to pay for a car only when you need it.

Many of our owners on the platform are people who do need a car more than once a fortnight or month but were also sick of it sitting idly by, and instead are now putting it to use!

As a borrower, if you’d like to join our car sharing platform you can become a member for free. We don’t charge a membership fee on our Featherweight membership, so you can sign up now at no cost.


Unless you live near an airport, chances are there isn’t a car rental agency within walking distance. Car Next Door has cars available all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Newcastle There could be cars in your suburb, there might even be one in your street!

Environmental Benefits

Around half of the emissions a car generates are from the actual production of the vehicle. Car sharing studies have found that one car can be shared by ten people, and so we can’t think of a better way to help reduce the environmental impact of cars than to facilitate people sharing them - the fewer cars people need to buy (and have produced) the better!

Carbon Offsetting

We like to put our money where our mouths are - by offsetting the carbon emissions that are produced from driving the cars with our tree-planting partner Greenfleet. Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation that plants local, biodiverse forests on behalf of companies to offset emissions. We are partnered with Greenfleet, and so far have planted almost 20,000 trees!

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