No-brainer ways to earn extra cash before Christmas

No-brainer ways to earn extra cash before Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re all starting to think about this year's present shopping. Last year Australians spent almost $9 billion on presents, and we all know how those end of year gift lists can really put a dent in our finances.

Car Next Door is a great way for you to inject some additional cash into your bank account in the run up to December 25. By renting your car out you could be earning around $300 month. But why stop there? Here’s some other no-brainers to help get flush with Christmas cash.

1. Trade in your unwanted items

Whether it’s that second bike parked in your backyard, or those shoes you bought online that you never really liked, you’re sure to have something lying around that could find a far better home. So why not free up space (if you live in the city or inner suburbs means you might not be swimming in available storage) and pocket some extra cash by selling your unwanted bits and bobs through an online marketplace?

Last year I sold an old outdoor table and chair set for $80, and while that might not sound much, it paid for the stocking fillers with change left over.

Outcome: $80 added to the Christmas kitty.

2. Become a food courier

Before you trade in that spare bike make sure your main one actually works, because you’ll need it to for this next earner. With your car already boosting your finances, why not make some additional dough (while getting your daily cardio) by delivering somebody else’s dinner as a bike courier?

With companies like Deliveroo you’ll be able to make around $15 an hour plus a fee for each delivery you make, and the best part is the hours you work are totally flexible. So even if you worked just a couple of hours each Friday night in the lead up to Christmas you’d have at least $200 to put towards presents.

Outcome: $200 added to the Christmas kitty.

3. Offer your services as a dog walker

This will seem too good to be true, but if you have a soft spot for four-legged friends you may be able to offer your services as a paid dog walker. With a heap of online platforms which pair owners and walkers across Australia, you could start making some extra cash straight away.

The going rate for dog walking starts from about $15-$20 a session, so even a handful of walks on the weekend in the lead up to Christmas could earn you an extra $100 to put towards festivities, plus some pre-Christmas exercise never hurts!

Outcome: $100 added to the Christmas kitty.

4. Buy your presents with a cashback card

Believe it or not, you could actually be making money while buying your presents this Christmas, with one of a number of credit cards currently on the market that offer cashback deals.

For example, with the ANZ Low Rate Platinum credit card you’ll get $250 cashback when you spend at least $500 on eligible purchases within the first 60 days. So even accounting for the card's $99 annual fee, you’d still be ahead by $151 if you used it to pay for this years Christmas presents and shopping.

Just make sure you use your card wisely and make your repayments on time so you don’t end up with a Christmas debt hangover.

Outcome: $151 added to the Christmas kitty.

Kirsty Lamont is a money expert and Director at financial comparison website She is passionate about helping Australians get a better money deal and helping them make better, more informed choices.


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