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How Nick and Maddie saved $15k by living car-free

Sam Ficek

When Nick Jungfer and his partner Maddie Rhodes moved from Adelaide to Sydney, they realised that not only did they no longer need their two cars, they had become expenses they could no longer afford. Nick said "paying almost double the rent that we were used to paying and it was in the front of our minds, the different ways we could save money.”

Nick estimates that by selling the two cars, him and Maddie saved between $15,000 and $16,000 on servicing, registration, petrol and insurance over the course of two years.

The couple live in the inner city, so jumping on a train or a bus is a simple fix and for longer trips they use Car Next Door.

“It just seems crazy to be paying all of these super high expenses. My mates might drive to footy practice once a week and to Woolworths once a week and they’re forking out thousands of bucks a year for that once-a-week luxury.”

See the original article on the Yahoo Finance website.

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