Should you lend your car to a friend?

Should you lend your car to a friend?

“Hey – can you lend me your car?”

These words can set the mind racing, and have probably spelled the beginning of the end of many a friendship.

Unless you have really, really good mates or neighbours (and a very healthy appetite for risk), the risk and hassle of:

  • finding people who want to borrow a car;
  • scheduling trips;
  • exchanging keys;
  • taking payments;
  • arranging insurance; and
  • dealing with fines and tolls

mean that it’s not feasible for most car owners and borrowers to share a car privately.
That’s why an intermediary like Car Next Door helps to make neighbour to neighbour car sharing possible.

We provide insurance, background checks and an online booking platform. We collect payments, divvy up the fuel costs and allocate tolls and fines to the right person.

We also provide access to the car without the owner and borrower needing to get together at the start and end of a booking to exchange keys.

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