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Welcome to Car Next Door!

Good news - your car has been approved for sharing through our new Key Handover system!

You’ll receive an email and text when your car is online. You'll get at least 12 hours' notice of any upcoming bookings, and you can change your settings to require more or less advance notice if you prefer.

Not ready to go ahead right now?

If you don't want to rent your car out right now, email ASAP. Use the subject line 'Put my Key Handover application on hold', and let us know why you're not ready yet.

If we don't hear from you, your car will be available for Borrowers to book soon.

Learn how Key Handover works

Our Key Handover plan has no membership fees or availability requirements. You can share your car as much or as little as you like. You just need to meet the Borrower to hand over the keys when your car is booked.

Learn how it works

Upload your initial condition report

Log in to upload photos of your car for the initial condition report. You’ll need to do this before your first booking to make sure it's fully covered by our insurance.

Upload an initial condition report

Set your booking preferences

You're in control - log in to choose:

  • The minimum advance notice period you need before each booking
  • The minimum and maximum length of bookings on your car

Set booking preferences

Set your availability

Borrowers can instantly book your car anytime it's available, so it's crucial you block it out for the times you need it yourself, and the times you're unavailable to meet borrowers to exchange keys. Learn more about managing your calendar.

Update your calendar

Take a profile photo of your car

A great profile photo makes your car stand out in search results. We'll upload a temporary, generic photo to get you started. When you have a chance, take a photo of your car (follow these tips) and upload it through the website.

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