How Daizy made nearly $3k from her Honda Jazz

How Daizy made nearly $3k from her Honda Jazz

Daizy's bought Jagga, a Honda Jazz, for $4,000 when she was 19.

Since then, she has calculated that the car was costing her at least $4k a year, taking into account $900 for rego, $1,500 in parking permits, $1,500 fuel and $250 servicing.

In the past year though, Daizy found out about Car Next Door as a way to offset the cost of owning a car. She listed Jagga on the platform, and made him available for borrowers to use about 44% of the time. In that time, he was rented out 34 times and made $2,930.30.

Daizy thinks that car sharing is the future. She said "Once upon a time, a lot more people loved going on horse rides. Now it’s a hobby for a small group of people; I think the same is likely to happen with car ownership."

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