How Can I Get More People to Rent Out My Car?

How Can I Get More People to Rent Out My Car?

Renting out your car and wanting to get more borrowers? We've got some suggestions for ways you can increase your car's bookings.

Be An Advocate

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your local community of car-sharers, and you can give free driving credit to your friends to try us out by inviting them to join Car Next Door with your invite code.

You can also distribute posters in your local community hotspots such as cafes, recreation centres and grocery stores.

If you would like to help market your car, we can send you a community noticeboard poster with your car's details. Here is an example of a community noticeboard poster (email for a PDF you can print out).


Advertise it online!

Create a Gumtree listing for your car - here's how to write a great Gumtree ad for your car.

Once you've made the Gumtree advert for your car, share the ad on Facebook with your friends. You can edit the privacy of that share to public so that if any of your friends share your ad on their network it will be accessible to all their friends as well.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way place to also create an ad to expand your reach. You can place an ad for car hire under the Classifieds - Services category.

Give your car a shout-out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Engage with us on Social Media


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We post a lot of blogs and content - if you can share those with your friends and family, that helps us help you! The more people that know about us and our platform, the more borrowers there are to rent out your car.

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