How a trip works with Car Next Door

How a trip works with Car Next Door

Do you live car free? Or need a ute or van to shift some furniture? Taking a trip with Car Next Door is easy: log in to the mobile site or app within 15 minutes of your booking start time and you’ll see step-by-step instructions to guide you through your whole trip.

Finding the car

You’ll be able to see the car’s exact current location, displayed as a written street address and a pin on a map.

Things you must know before driving

Every car is unique with its own little quirks. Read this section before you drive so you know how to open the fuel cap or where the middle seat belt is hiding.

If you have any questions about the car that aren't answered here, you can call or text the car's owner - you'll find their details in the trip instructions under step 5.

Checking the car and taking photos

Before you drive, do a quick check of the car and take some photos clearly showing all surfaces and the interior of the car. Upload these through the website or app. This takes just a couple of minutes and is to protect you in the case of a damage dispute.

Finding the lockbox and getting the key

The car key is stored in an electronic lockbox that will be attached to a property near the car or hanging on the car’s window.

Check the instructions for the lockbox location and to generate a code to open it and access the key.

Fuel instructions

If the fuel drops below 1/4 full, you need to fill it up before you return the car. Check the fuel instructions to see what kind of fuel the car takes.

Pay using the fuel card in the glove box - you can find the PIN for the card in the fuel instructions as well.

Extending your booking

Having too much fun and want to keep the car for longer? As long as it hasn’t been booked by another member, you can extend your booking in just a few taps.

Fees apply for late return, so it’s always best to extend your booking if you’re running late.

Returning and parking the car

At the end of your trip, follow the parking instructions to return the car to the right spot.

Check parking signs carefully and make sure you leave the car in an unrestricted zone - if the car gets a fine because of where you left it, you’ll be responsible.

Final checks and ending your booking

When you've parked your car, you just need to do a few final checks:

  • Take another set of photos clearly showing all surfaces of the car (keep them for 30 days)
  • Check that you've taken all your belongings with you and left the car clean
  • Check that all windows are closed, lights are off and the car is locked

Use the app or mobile site to generate a lockbox code, put the key back inside and close the lockbox securely.

Hit the 'end booking' button to complete your booking and you're all done!

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