GoGet vs. Car Next Door - Car Share Rates Comparison

GoGet vs. Car Next Door - Car Share Rates Comparison

Should you choose GoGet or neighbourhood car share with Car Next Door for your next trip?

So you live car free and decided to try car-sharing. Good on you!

Should you use GoGet or Car Next Door?

The answer is (as to any good question): it depends.

The total cost of your trip depends on the time it takes, the distance you travel, and the amount of risk (in the form of an insurance excess) you are prepared to take on.

It's also important to consider the signup and membership fees that may apply. GoGet and Car Next Door's car rental pricing is structured somewhat differently.

What's the difference between GoGet and Car Next Door?

GoGet is a privately owned car sharing fleet and Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car sharing fleet. GoGet owns the cars themselves, while with Car Next Door the cars you borrow belong to people in your neighbourhood.

GoGet rates vs Car Next Door

The other major difference between GoGet and Car Next Door is how the pricing works. With GoGet, the hourly or daily rates vary depending on what membership you’re on. The higher the cost of your membership, the lower your car rental cost.

Car Next Door doesn't charge any fees to join and the rates to borrow cars are the same, regardless of which borrowing plan you're on. On the free plan you pay a booking fee for each trip. Regular users can save by choosing the $19/month Heavyweight membership, but if you only need to rent a van, car or ute occasionally, you can keep your Car Next Door membership with no membership fees.

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Cost comparison on different trip types

We’ve run our cost comparison calculator on a few common scenarios to illustrate how the final trip cost differs between GoGet and Car Next Door.

For all of these examples we’ve assumed that you want to reduce your damage excess to the lowest possible cost (see the assumptions below), because who wants that additional risk! This is where Car Next Door really shines: you can permanently reduce your excess down to $500 for just $19 a month. With GoGet you pay $1.75 an hour of $18 a day for every trip to reduce your excess to $300.

Trip type Car Next Door price GoGet price
A day around town $29 $43
A day around the city $65 $105
A long weekend away $222 $282
A one-week holiday $408 $658

A day around town

Need to run a few errands, get to work or visit a friend for the day?

For three hours and 15km of travel, you’ll pay about $43 for GoGet, and $29 for Car Next Door.

Around town - 3 hours & 15km

A day around the city

If you need to go to a few places or across the city and want to keep the car for the whole day, but won’t be going too far, then you’re wasting money on the 150 included kilometres that you get with GoGet.

You’ll pay around $105 for GoGet, or $65 for Car Next Door.

Around the city - 1 day & 50km

A long weekend away

You’ve got a few days off. You decide to leave Melbourne and head to the beach and bush at Lorne, or from Sydney drive down to the beautiful Shoalhaven Heads. Either trip plus a couple of detours is about 200km each way.

This relaxing getaway will cost you around $282 with GoGet, and $222 with Car Next Door.

Long weekend away - 3 days & 400km

A one-week holiday

It’s time for a proper holiday: a few days away won’t cut it. So you book a station wagon, pack your beach towels and hit the road for two weeks.

For those of you looking for car hire in Melbourne, we recommend starting your trip by driving out to the Yarra Valley, before making your way down the Great Ocean Road. A similar distance trip from Sydney gets you to the Hunter Valley wine region and back.

Your one-week, 600km trip will cost you around $658 in a GoGet, or $408 with Car Next Door. The memories are worth it!

One week holiday - 7 days & 600km

Only pay for the distance you drive

GoGet offers 150 included kilometres with daily bookings. You’ll be charged 40c a kilometre for hourly bookings, or if you go over the 150km included in your day rate.

If you know you’re travelling a long distance, included kilometres can offer peace of mind because you know the price you’ll pay is capped (provided you don’t drive further than 150km). The downside is that if you only need a car to get around town, you’ll still be paying for the included kilometres you don’t use. Car Next Door charges a flat rate for each kilometre you drive, meaning you only pay for the distance you actually drive.

What we haven’t mentioned

Because there are over 2,300 cars all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Canberra, there are Car Next Door cars right around the corner so there's no need to make lengthy plans to go and get your car.

If you care about what kind of car you’re seen in, or just like to drive something fun or quirky, there is a huge range of cars from Corollas to Mini Coopers and Mercedes Benz. You can also borrow utes or vans to move house, or a people mover to transport the whole crew.

Find your nearest Car Next Door

We think that all car-sharing is great. We think GoGet is great! We’re working towards a future where people can use a car now and then, but choose more active, less polluting transportation whenever possible. Car sharing is an important part of that vision. But neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing is even better for the environment and for local communities than the established models. Unlike GoGet, we don’t need to manufacture new cars and freight them to your neighbourhood: our cars are already in your area.

Because Car Next Door uses cars that are already sitting idle in driveways instead of new cars purpose-bought for car-sharing, you pay less per hour and per day to use them. And the lion’s share of the money that you spend is paid to the people in your community who own the cars, so it says local.

Making better use of the cars already sitting in our streets just makes sense: it’s common sense for the common good.

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There are as many variations on the trips people take as there are in the angle they like their wing mirrors. We’ve had to make some assumptions to come up with these comparisons.

For all of these scenarios, we’ve assumed that you’ll choose to reduce your car rental insurance excess. If you want to risk a $2,000 damage bill by not reducing your excess, then the cost variation will be different – get in touch if you’d like us to run the numbers.

For Car Next Door vehicles, we've assumed an hourly rate of $5 and a daily rate of $25 for the trips “around town” and “around the city”. For the longer trips over the weekend and your “one-week holiday”, we’ve upgraded you to a medium sized car for some extra legroom on that long drive ($30 a day). For both cars we’ve assumed a distance rate of 33c per kilometre. Rates are set by individual car owners, so please check the listing of your preferred car for its rates.

For the “Trip Around Town” and “Trip Around the City” scenarios, we’ve assumed that you’re on the GoGet GoStarter plan or Car Next Door's Featherweight plan for occasional users. The GoGet GoStarter plan has a yearly fee of $49. This cost is not included in these calculations. Car Next Door's Featherweight plan has no membership fee - you'll just pay a booking fee per booking.

For the road trip scenario, we’ve assumed that you’re on the GoGet GoFrequent or Car Next Door Heavyweight plans. We haven’t included the membership costs of $30/month (GoGet) or $19/month (Car Next Door) in these calculations.

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