GoGet Hire Car Rates Comparison

GoGet Hire Car Rates Comparison

Car Next Door: up to 40% cheaper than GoGet and other car share companies.

Car Next Door’s neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform has the convenience and security of the established car sharing services, but it’s up to 40% cheaper. It offers a low excess at a much lower cost and doesn’t lock you in to a high monthly spend. It’s also better for the environment, and it keeps your dollars in your local community.


Because you’re using cars that are already sitting idle in driveways instead of new cars purpose-bought for car sharing, you pay less per hour and per day to use them. And the lion’s share of the money that you spend is paid to the people in your community who own the cars, so it stays local.

Just how much cheaper is Car Next Door than the others? We’ve run the numbers and laid them out in the tables you see here.

There are a lot of figures that go into this cost comparison, including excess reduction, per-kilometre charges and hourly rates. Exactly how much you’ll save by choosing Car Next Door depends on how much you use the service.

We’ve worked out the average savings for three ‘typical’ types of users, with the following driving patterns:

I’m with GoGet (or another car share company) – how much could I save?

To start with, Car Next Door has no joining fee. This means you’ll save $25 to $55 upfront.

If you’re a low-frequency user with the standard excess, you’ll pay a total of $84 a month with Car Next Door, compared with $120-$137 a month with any of the other car sharing companies. That’s a 30-40% saving.


If you’re a high-frequency user with the standard excess, you would save between $30 and $150 a month as a Car Next Door member. That’s roughly $360- $1,800 a year.


Lower risk at lower cost

If you feel more secure with the lowest possible excess, Car Next Door really shines. With Car Next Door you can permanently reduce your excess down to $500 for just $19 a month. You can’t do this with any of the other three companies. If you want a low excess you’ll have to pay at least $1 per hour or $18 per day to lower your excess to $300. This means that if you are a high-frequency user wanting to pay a low excess, you’ll save $176 -$267 a month ($2,112 – $3,204 a year) by choosing Car Next Door.

More flexibility

With Car Next Door, you only pay for the kilometres you drive. If you book a car for the day just to get around town, you won’t automatically be paying for 100 to 150 ‘included’ kilometres like you will with some of the others. You’re also not locked in to a high monthly spend. If your usage patterns change from month to month, you won’t be stung by heavy monthly fees or left with unused credit.

Car Next Door: the greener, lower-cost choice

We think that all car-sharing is great. We think GoGet is great! We’re working towards a future where people can use a car now and then, but choose more active, less polluting transportation whenever possible. Car sharing is an important part of that vision. But neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing is even better for the environment and for local communities than the established models. Unlike GoGet, Green Share Car and the others, we don’t need to manufacture new cars and freight them to your neighbourhood, our cars are already in your area.

Join the transportation revolution!

Car Next Door is operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast! Sign up to become a member or to rent out your car and join the Australian car revolution!

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