Free Additional Driver Car Hire with Car Next Door

Free Additional Driver Car Hire with Car Next Door

There's nothing like sharing a road trip with your mates, but where's the fun if you can't share the driving too? With most rental car companies, adding an extra driver to the insurance can increase the final cost of your trip by over $25.

Car Next Door is different. We like to keep things simple.

All additional drivers are free with Car Next Door

You can share the driving with your partner or friend and it won't cost any extra.

The only requirement is that all drivers must be approved borrowers of Car Next Door to be covered by insurance. If you want to share the driving with your friend, just get them to join Car Next Door for free and be verified.

You don’t need to add them to a list of drivers or fill out any extra forms. As long as they are also verified members of Car Next Door, they're covered.

Join Car Next Door for free

Additional driver fee by car hire company

Car Hire Company Cost per person / per day Maximum cost per person
Car Next Door FREE FREE
Avis $5.501 $25.001
Budget $5.501 $27.501
Europcar $5.751 Capped at 5 days
Hertz $5.501 $27.501
Thrifty $5.501 $27.501
1Additional add-ons will attract additional surcharges and percentage taxes.

There's a huge variety of vehicles available for hire

No matter your needs, we have a vehicle for you: from small cars to vans, you can find a vehicle to suit your needs. Whether you live car free and need a city runabout from time to time, or need something bigger to move house there's a car for every job in our friendly neighbourhood fleet.

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