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Why Farhan works at Car Next Door

"They say that if you love your job you will never have to work a day in your life and I could never relate to it until I joined Car Next Door."

Shannon Barker

They say that if you love your job you will never have to work a day in your life and I could never relate to it until I joined Car Next Door. There wasn't a single day when I felt hesitant about going to work, and that says a lot about how passionate I am about my work and the company I work for.

After my interview with Car Next Door, I was pretty certain that I was not going to land the job, thanks to Fi's cold straight face. But miraculously she decided to take me under her wing and made me love her and Car Next Door in a very short period of time.

I knew I could be my genuine authentic self and excel in my role on our first team lunch where I shared a typical 'Farhan' story and did not get judged. In a nutshell, the story was about how I broke a glass in our house to blame it on an annoying kid who was visiting us just to make his parents scold him. Although a strange story, I personally believe that it is really important for someone early in their career to be able to express themselves to unlock their full potential and Car Next Door has paved that way for me by giving me the freedom to be my genuine authentic self.

Everyone I’ve met at Car Next Door since my first day has always been extremely supportive and I cannot express in words the good vibe and energy everyone brings in to this company.

Having worked with some startups prior to joining Car Next Door, I was truly amazed and inspired by the leadership qualities that I observed in our co-founders. Will's absolute confidence in the platform itself and his ability to cut through BS like a hot knife through butter, coupled by Dave's calm and measured approach to major decisions, assures me, and I believe all other employees, that we are in safe hands and Car Next Door will only go forward and upward from here on.

Car Next Door's mission and vision resonate with me at a deep level. Coming from a country that has seen the worst of global warming, I have experienced the impact first hand and understand how important it is to save our planet. While it is not always possible to come up with a revolutionary idea and make a huge impact by starting something new yourself, I take solace in knowing that the work I do is contributing to reducing carbon emissions.

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