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Changes to our Member Agreements - July 2019

We have updated the Car Next Door Member Agreement, Owner Agreement, Damage Policy and Fee Schedule.

Shannon Barker

Summary of changes to Car Next Door Member Agreements and Damage Policy – July 2019

We have updated the Car Next Door Member Agreement, Owner Agreement, Damage Policy and Fee Schedule. The following is a summary of the key changes. It is provided for your convenience only, and may not describe every change that has been made. Please read the new version of the documents on our Terms of Use page. By continuing to use the service, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the current Member Agreement and Damage Policy (and Owner Agreement, if you have listed a car through the service).

If you do not agree to the new terms and wish to cancel your membership, or if you have any questions about these changes, let us know by email to

If you are a car owner and would like to discuss the changes with our Owner Experience team or get more information about how they affect you, please book a time for us to call you.

Clause reference and summary of change

1: Changes to the Member Agreement

Clause Summary of change
8.2 Remove requirement to contact Car Next Door to make bookings with a duration longer than 10 days
10.5(i) Clarify the definition of the ‘snow line’ to be above Jindabyne in NSW and Bright in Victoria, in accordance with car hire industry practice
10.5(g) State that the Borrower must refuel with the fuel type specified by the Owner (was previously ‘recommended by the manufacturer’)
15 Remove references to using fuel cards when refuelling, and note requirement to seek reimbursement with a valid tax invoice. Add requirement to select fuel of the Owner’s preferred octane number.
22 Remove references to credit card pre-authorisations as these are no longer used.
24.3 Remove references to contact details of the Owner being made available prior to a Booking. Contact details will now only be shared after a Booking is made.
Throughout Update “Membership Plan” to refer to “Sharing Plan” or “Borrowing Plan” where appropriate, as Plans will now be applied to a Member and a Vehicle separately.
Throughout Remove references to fuel cards, as these are no longer used
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity

2: Changes to the Owner Agreement

Clause Summary of change
2 Add definitions of “Fully Covered” and “Partly Covered” to distinguish new Sharing Plans where a Vehicle is only covered with Bookings.
7.3 Note that if a Lockbox System is not returned in accordance with the agreement, a reasonable handling fee may be charged in addition to the replacement cost, in accordance with the Fee Schedule.
8.1(d) Allow for Vehicles to be listed without a spare tyre, if they have ‘runflat’ tyres.
14.1 Allow Owners to rent their vehicles outside of the platform, if they have selected a Sharing Plan that does not include insurance cover outside of Bookings made through the platform.
18.1(g) Provides that if an Owner rents out a Vehicle that is unregistered or unroadworthy, not fit for purpose or does not match the Vehicle Profile, We may refund any amounts paid by the Borrower and recover our lost revenue from Bookings that are cancelled or refunded as a result.
Throughout Remove references to fuel cards, as these are no longer used
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity

3: Changes to the Damage Policy

Page Summary of change
3 Clarifies that the Borrower is considered to be in possession of a vehicle from the time that they access the vehicle. (Previously ‘unlock the Lockbox or access the Vehicle”). This accommodates situations where the Lockbox is separated from the vehicle.
4 States that the Owner is responsible for maintaining the vehicle and is presumed to be responsible for faults, wear and tear and breakdown of mechanical or electrical parts; but where there is conclusive evidence that mechanical or electrical damage was caused by misuse of the vehicle by a Borrower, they will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
7 Notes that the $25/day discretionary payment to an Owner who is unable to use their vehicle will not be paid where the repairs are delayed by that Owner’s action or inaction.

3: Changes to the Fee Schedule

Issue Fee
Lockbox left open or unsecured (was previously just ‘left open’ - broadening it to include where the Lockbox is not properly attached to the vehicle on return) $100
Vehicle parked illegally or incorrectly or not returned to the Homezone Increased from $30 to $60
Wrong fuel - diesel or petrol Add a fee of $60 to cover Car Next Door’s time in assisting with the resolution.
Wrong fuel - incorrect octane number $10 if fuel of a higher octane level than specified is used; $40 if fuel of a lower octane level is used. This is passed in full to the Owner.

The $10 fee compensates the owner for the higher cost of high-octane fuel. The $40 fee compensates them for the cost of action to prevent damage to the vehicle from the low-octane fuel.

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