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Changes to our Member Agreements and Damage Policy - December 2019

We've updated our Member Agreements and Damage Policy. Read a summary of the changes.

Shannon Barker

We have updated the Car Next Door Member Agreement, Owner Agreement and Damage Policy. The following is a summary of the key changes. It is provided for your convenience only, and may not describe every change that has been made. Please read the new version of the documents on our Terms of Use page. By continuing to use the service, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the current Member Agreement and Damage Policy (and Owner Agreement, if you have listed a car through the service).

If you do not agree to the new terms and wish to cancel your membership, or if you have any questions about these changes, let us know by email to

If you are a car owner and would like to discuss the changes with our Owner Experience team or get more information about how they affect you, please book a time for us to call you.

Clause reference and summary of change

1: Changes to the Member Agreement

Clause Summary of change
7.1 Note that Borrower Profiles with name, phone, email, reviews and profile photo are now viewable by Owners when the Borrower has booked their car.
9.5(c) Provides that if a third party damages a car in a Borrower’s possession, the Borrower must provide the third party’s licence number and phone number to Car Next Door so that we can contact them (was previously ‘licence number OR phone number’).
9.6 Provides that a member must report any hail or storm damage to a car to Car Next Door within 7 days. This is so that we can efficiently manage large-scale damage claims in the event of a hailstorm or similar.
10.5(e) and (f) States that the exclusions for damage to the underbody and roof damage are not applicable to Owners driving their own car
10.5(o) Excludes cover where a Borrower drives a manual car if they are not an experienced manual driver.
10.5(i) Clarify the definition of the ‘snow line’ to be above 1250m altitude.
10.7 Notes that cars with ‘Booking-only cover’ (ie cars on the Key Handover or Instant Keys plans) are not covered by Car Next Door’s insurance outside of bookings.
16.1(h) Notes that a car is not considered to have been returned until the key is also returned.
18.2 Provides that when transferring fines to the responsible Borrower, Car Next Door may provide a Borrower’s name and contact details to the Owner’s authorised representative, or directly to the issuing authority, as well as to the Owner. This may include the Borrower’s driver licence or passport if required to transfer the fine.
Definitions - ‘Vehicle’ Defines a ‘Vehicle’ to include its standard modifications and accessories. Accessories that are added to the vehicle and were not originally supplied by the manufacturer are not covered by the insurance policy.
Schedule 1 Lists the DCLs applicable to Borrowing Plans.
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity

2: Changes to the Owner Agreement

Clause Summary of change
3.3 Require Owners to disclose to Car Next Door if their driver licence is changed or restricted, and prohibits driving other members’ cars while holding a restricted licence.
4.1(h) Increases allowable number of seats for eligible vehicles from 8 to 12.
4.1(j) Notes that vehicles must have a market value under $50,000 to be eligible.
10.7 States that non-standard vehicle modifications and accessories are not covered under the fleet insurance policy.
Schedule 1 States that an Owner’s DCL amount will be $3000 if they drive while holding a learner’s or provisional licence. Clarifies that the DCL amounts in this schedule only apply to cars listed on a Full-Time Cover plan (being the Legacy Owner Plan or Instant Keys Plus+).
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity

3: Changes to the Damage Policy

Page Summary of change
6 Provides that when an Owner chooses their own repairer instead of using Car Next Door’s preferred repairer, and that repairer charges more than the amount assessed by Car Next Door to be reasonable for the work, Car Next Door will only pay up to the assessed amount and the Owner will need to pay any additional amount charged by their preferred repairer.
Throughout Minor changes for consistency and clarity.

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