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Show us your #carnextdoor videos and win!

Win $150 Car Next Door video credit by sharing a video of you renting out a Car Next Door! #carnextdoor

Maryse Dubois

Do you like using Instagram Stories? Do you want free driving credit? Share a video of your trip using #carnextdoor on Instagram or Facebook to win $150 driving credit!

We’ll share our favourites on our social media feeds, and the best story each month will receive the $150 driving credit!

Photos more your thing? Enter our photo competition!

How to be a #winner

There are a few things we’re looking for when we choose our favourite entries and following these simple tips will increase your chances of winning the driving credit.

You don’t need to be Spielberg - we want to see your original touch, whether that’s going hard with the filters, a funny caption or a full blown cinematic masterpiece.

  • If you enjoy using Instagram stories, you’ve probably already made a perfect entry. Did you borrow a car to go to the beach? Did you post a bunch of videos of your day for your friends? #winner Moving day? Videos of your mates sweating buckets loading that wardrobe into your sweet van? #winner
  • We love seeing how people use Car Next Door, and that’s what will give you the best shot of winning some sweet driving credit.
  • Highlight the car and yourself – we wouldn’t be Car Next Door without our cars, so make sure the car and its Car Next Door stickers are clearly visible.
  • We couldn’t be Car Next Door without our members either, so get yourself in the video too if you can!
  • Keep it legal and safe (and have fun)!

Check out some stories we love

A post shared by easyshare (@easyshare_au) on

For the best chances of winning our monthly competition and earning driving credit:

  • The video must be in focus, well composed and well lit
  • Include at least one person
  • Make sure that any vehicles are clearly identified as being part of Car Next Door - e.g. with a Car Next Door sticker clearly visible
  • Have fun and get creative!
  • Members can enter as many videos as they like each month. You must be a current member to win and use the driving credit, and prizes can not be exchanged for cash or transferred.

If you have both photos and videos you can enter both to increase your chances to be a #winner

Terms and conditions

  • Videos must be posted on Instagram or Facebook (from a public account) using the hashtag #carnextdoor and you must tag us in the video. You can also use a downloaded Snapchat story or a video from your camera roll and upload it to Facebook/YouTube.
  • If the video is a story (ie expires in 24 hours) you need to download the video and email it to with your instagram handle, or post it as a video on your own account and tag us, so that we can reshare it when you win - or just because it’s cool!
  • Don’t worry, any videos will always also be credited back to you
  • The $150 credit expires after 6 months, and can only be used for trip bookings, and can’t be used to pay off fines, fees or charges.

By using the hashtag #carnextdoor or tagging us in a video on our Instagram, you confirm that:

  • You are granting Car Next Door the right to use your content on our social media platforms and for other promotional purposes indefinitely and that no royalties or other payments will apply for this use.
  • You created the content and it is your own original content.
  • You have permission from anyone appearing in the content for their image to be used by Car Next Door for promotional and related purposes.

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