Cheapest van hire and ute hire in Sydney and Melbourne - Skip the rental companies!

Cheapest van hire and ute hire in Sydney and Melbourne - Skip the rental companies!

Everyone needs a mate with a Ute or van! But asking a friend every time you want to move some boxes or pick up your latest eBay bargain can strain even the best relationship. And if you scratch that fancy paintwork … farewell, Friend.

Luckily, peer-to-peer car hire networks like Car Next Door have made it cheap, simple and secure to rent a ute from a neighbour for a couple of hours, or to hire a van for a day.

Cheap local ute hire – rent a ute from $6 an hour

Ute hire makes sense if you need to shift some stuff, but don’t want to call in the movers. But ute hire in Sydney or Melbourne can be pricey! That’s why it’s good to get in with the locals. There are plenty of utes and vans sitting idle around your suburb: Car Next Door provides the insurance, technology and online platform to make it easy for people to rent them out by the hour or day.

You can hire a ute in your suburb from $6 an hour (plus distance). Because the ute is owned by a local and would otherwise be sitting around doing nothing, it’s cheaper than corporate ute rental – and your money stays local.

You don’t need to meet the owner to exchange keys, or fill in any paperwork – just join Car Next Door online in 3 minutes, search for a ute near you and book it online. You can be driving within a few hours.

Michael, from Bondi, rented Dane’s ute for three hours one Saturday afternoon to help his mum move some boxes to storage and reclaim some space in her apartment.

“If mum had had to use a moving company or man-with-a-van service, it would have cost her $100 or more,” says Michael.

“Renting a local Ute cost me $7 an hour, and the per-kilometre charge came in under $10. The whole thing cost me just over $30.”

Van hire: Andy has earned over $40,000 from renting out his under-utilised work van

Over in Kensington, Andy’s Hyundai i-Load van can fit a queen-sized mattress. It costs just $50 a day to rent (plus distance). It has been rented by Car Next Door members over 350 times, and is one of the busiest vehicles in the peer-to-peer car rental community (as seen on

“I own a property maintenance business, but business has scaled back a bit this year and so this van wasn’t getting used as much,” says Andy.

“By renting my van out, I’ve earned over $40,000, which is a real help when you’re running a small business and trying to make ends meet.”

Our members use van hire for all sorts of trips, from moving house to setting up a film festival (as Monica was doing in the photo above). If you’re looking for van hire in Sydney or Melbourne, check out what’s available in your local community first.

How to find local van hire or ute hire near you

Search for cheap van hire or ute rental from Car Next Door’s fleet map. Select ‘Ute’ or ‘Van’ to filter your search results. If you’re not already a member, it only takes a few minutes to join and borrow your neighbours’ cars.


Join Car Next Door for free and get cheap van hire or ute hire (plus hundreds of other vehicles if you live car free), or do you own a van or ute? Rent it out, fully insured, to trusted borrowers and earn money!

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