Cheap Ute Rental Sydney – Hire utes by the hour

Cheap Ute Rental Sydney – Hire utes by the hour

Rent utes in Sydney by the hour, cheaper than ute rental from traditional rental companies.

With Car Next Door you can rent a fully insured ute from your neighbour. Utes in Sydney from just $7/hour + distance. Rentals are by the hour or day.

We all know that feeling when you realise that the bargain piece of furniture you’re looking at on Gumtree is just not going to fit in your car no matter how many ways you try. If you need something that can carry a living room full of stuff, you need a ute.

It doesn’t make sense to pay over $100 to hire a ute for 24 hours just to pick up some free stuff or when you only need it for 1 or 2 hours, that’s just uneconomical.

From just $7/hour + distance with a small $5 booking fee, you can rent a fully insured ute from someone in your neighbourhood and save on the need to rent it for a whole day. But even if you do need it for a full day, day rates start at just $25 plus booking and distance.

We’ve already got utes for hire in Alexandria, Annandale, Artarmon, Balmain, Bondi, Bronte, Denistone, Kensington, Newtown, North Sydney, Paddington, Randwick, Rosebery, Rozelle, Stanmore, Woollahra and Woolloomooloo just to name a few, and we're adding more every day.

How does it work?

1: Join Car Next Door: Apply online and get approved within 3 hours (9am to 6pm, seven days a week).


2: Find the the right ute for you: Search the fleet map for vehicles near you and book online.


3: Unlock and drive instantly: You don't need to meet the owner to exchange keys.

When you arrive at the ute, we’ll send you the instructions on how to get access to the ute and you’re on your way.

What is borrowing a ute from someone in your community like?


What about insurance and all of the paperwork?

Car Next Door’s rental utes are owned by locals, when the owners put their utes onto the Car Next Door platform, they are covered by our rental fleet insurance.

In an arrangement that’s similar to most corporate rental companies, insurance is included in the fee when you rent a car. The maximum excess is $2000 but you can reduce it to $500 by paying an extra $1.50/hr or $18/day.

Alternatively, if you need to borrow utes or vans on a regular basis, you can join the "Heavyweight" plan for $19/month and eliminate your booking fees and reduce your damage excess to $500. If you choose to live car free, you can also borrow cars to get around from time to time.

There is no paperwork to fill out, when you apply to become a borrower, we will review your application, check that you have a good driving record, make sure you are who you say you are, and provide you with sall the information you need about borrowing a ute.

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