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Car Share in Newcastle, NSW - Peer-to-Peer car sharing

Maryse Dubois

Car sharing in newcastle is about to get neighbourly!

Car Next Door’s peer-to-peer car share network has been growing quickly in Sydney and Melbourne, and now we’re super excited to be launching in Newcastle, NSW.

Car hire can be inconvenient – you need to trek to the depot, fill out forms, and return the car during opening hours.

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a simple, smart and cheap alternative to car hire in Newcastle. We’re like a car match-maker. We connect people who have cars (but don’t drive them all the time) to people who need to drive (but live car free most of the time). And we provide all of the technology and online systems to make the process trouble-free.

Need to hire a car for a few hours or a few days?

There are thousands of cars all around you, sitting idle most of the time. Why not borrow one of them? It’s free to join Car Next Door, and you’ll pay low hourly or daily rates, plus distance, to hire your neighbours’ cars.

Fuel and insurance are included with every booking.

Wondering how peer-to-peer car sharing works? It’s pretty simple, really.

Find out more about it

Got a car that sits idle most of the time?

Join the club. List it on Car Next Door’s neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform and let it earn its keep. We’re looking for pioneering folk who want to help start a transportation revolution in Newcastle. Plus, we’re offering bonus income to the first group of car owners who rent their car out in Newcastle.

Interested? Email or sign up as an owner!

Car Next Door sets car owners up with the insurance, technology, online booking and payment systems and 24-hour member support and roadside assistance to make sharing your car really easy and safe. We take care of the insurance, process tolls, fines and fuel charges, collect payments from borrowers and pay you your earnings, and screen borrowers before they hire your car.

Wondering about the nitty-gritty? We’ve got it covered.

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