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Car Next Door's FREE car sharing membership

Car Next Door is the only hourly & short-term car sharing platform that has free membership. Cheap car hire from $5hr + distance inc fuel.

Maryse Dubois

Looking to try out car-sharing? Car Next Door is the only short term car-sharing platform in Australia with free membership for everyone.

How does car sharing work?

Car-sharing gives you access to a fleet of cars that your can borrow by the hour or day. This makes it easy to access a car from time to time, but live car free most of the time. Once you join a car-sharing scheme, you can find and book cars near you, and get on the road instantly.

Car Sharing Membership Fees in Australia

Car Next Door

It's completely free to join Car Next Door. There are no joining fees, and no ongoing monthly fees.

Join Car Next Door


GoGet offer membership tiers: the more you pay for your membership, the lower the hourly and daily rate to borrow cars. The cheapest membership fee with GoGet is $49 a year.

If you are a student, senior or a business, GoGet offers a free membership as long as you provide the required documents to prove your eligibility.



Flexicar has a flat annual membership fee of $49. Flexicar also offer a Flexicar Student membership option, with a reduced annual membership fee of $35.



GreenShareCar's cheapest membership fee is $55 a year. Student membership is free,


Car Next Door: the cheapest and greenest option

As well as having a free membership option, our rates to borrow cars are up to 40% cheaper than GoGet and other car-sharing options.

Our cars are owned by real people, rather than being purchased brand new for the purpose of sharing. This means that when you borrow cars through Car Next Door you're making better use of the cars already sitting idle in our streets.

Join Car Next Door

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