A new car share option in Sydney and Melbourne

A new car share option in Sydney and Melbourne

Meet Jane.

Jane's decided to live car free. Which is fine … except for when she needs to:

  • go shopping,
  • get away for the weekend,
  • do some jobs, or
  • head to the beach.

Meet Tom.

Tom does own a car, so he can go wherever, whenever. Which is great … except that Tom’s car is parked doing nothing most of the time.

Which actually makes owning it pretty expensive, when you factor in insurance, rego, petrol and servicing.

So Jane and Tom, in their different ways, both have a problem. Until now.

Jane, meet Tom …

Meet Car Next Door.

We’re like a car match-maker.

We connect people who have a car to people who need to borrow one.

With Car Next Door, all the Janes out there get a simple, reliable, smarter way to get the car they need, when they need it. Whether that’s:

  • a runabout for a trip to the supermarket; or
  • a ute to pick up some furniture.

And instead of Tom’s car just sitting idle costing him money, it can actually start bringing in the money.

How does neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing work?

It’s really easy. If you own a car, and list your car for rent with Car Next Door, we’ll install the equipment you need to turn your car into cash.

Our car smart lockbox eliminates the hassle of exchanging car keys and keeps your car safe.

And your car will be well looked after, because we only allow the best of drivers to become Car Next Door members (like Jane!)

In the event that there is an accident, we have everyone fully covered by our comprehensive insurance backed by a major international insurer.

So now, when Jane needs some wheels, she just searches online for cars just up the road that she can rent by the hour or day, and makes a quick reservation.

She walks to the car, enters the lockbox code, and she’s on her way – without the hassle.

She doesn’t need to worry about fuel, because that’s included in the price.

She doesn’t need to worry about exchanging car keys, because that’s all sorted. And insurance is covered.

All she needs to worry about is what kind of car she wants to drive today.

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