Car Share Melbourne: Here's the cheapest, most convenient option

Car Share Melbourne: Here's the cheapest, most convenient option

Car share in Melbourne – now you can rent cars cheaply, conveniently and safely from your neighbours.

Finally, there’s another car share option in Melbourne.

Rent cars from your neighbours by the hour or day through Australia’s first peer-to-peer car share platform, Car Next Door.


Car Next Door Melbourne car sharing locations



We are adding more car share vehicles each week in Melbourne. You can see the areas that we currently have car sharing vehicles in right now in the image above. You can find out what cars are near you by looking at our fleet map to see all of the car share vehicles that are available in Melbourne now (just choose “Melbourne” under the search box to see available cars, or enter your home address to find cars near you).

Own a car? Rent it to your neighbours when you’re not using it, and offset the costs of ownership.

Need a car? Get access to a fleet of vehicles near your home for a low hourly or daily rate.

We operate across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

How does car sharing with Car Next Door work?

It's very easy to start sharing your car, or borrowing other people's cars with Car Next Door. To start borrowing, all you need to do is fill out a 5 minute application.

We will process your application, and once you're approved you'll be able to start renting out vehicles! Car sharing is a fantastic option if you live car free and need to rent a car out for an hour, a day or a week. You can hire cars from one hour to as long as you like.

To borrow a vehicle, simply search for one on our website or app and reserve it. When it comes time for your booking, you'll get a text with it's location. Head over to the vehicle, access the keys by generating a code to open the lockbox and away you go! You can unlock and drive away instantly.

How borrowing works

Neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing is a cheaper, greener way to use the cars that are already in our neighbourhoods. Instead of purchasing a car, why not simply borrow one when you need it instead?

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Need a car?
Rent one from your neighbour from $5/hour or $25/day. Join for free