Car share Melbourne: here's the cheapest, most convenient option

Car share Melbourne: here's the cheapest, most convenient option

Car share in Melbourne ā€“ now you can rent cars cheaply, conveniently and safely from your neighbours

Finally, thereā€™s another car share option in Melbourne.

Car Next Door isn't like other car-sharing options. Our neighbourly car-sharing community is made up of cars owned by real people just like you. This means that when you borrow cars with Car Next Door:

  • it's cheaper: we don't need to buy and maintain lots of brand new cars like a corporate car-sharing company does
  • there's more variety: there are as many different types of cars as people in your neighbourhood ā€“ you'll find small cars, big cars, vans, utes, convertibles and smart cars
  • it's convenient: there are cars located right in your neighbourhood (maybe even right in your street!)
  • your money stays in your community and helps your neighbours cover their car costs
  • it's sustainable: you're making use of cars already in our streets that would otherwise be doing nothing, rather than new cars bought just for car-sharing

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Cars near you

There are cars available all over metropolitan Melbourne, and new cars are joining Car Next Door every day.

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Up to 40% cheaper than GoGet

Because the cars on Car Next Door are already sitting in streets and driveways around Melbourne, we don't have the big overheads like GoGet and other corporate car-sharing companies do. We don't need to buy and maintain brand new cars so our rates are cheaper.

Plus, membership with Car Next Door is free, so you can sign up and try us out with no risk.

How it works

Car sharing is a fantastic option if you live car free and need to rent a car out for an hour, a day, or a week. You can hire cars from as little as one hour or for several days or weeks.

  1. Join Car Next Door for free
  2. We'll process and verify your account (takes up to 3 business hours, 7 days a week)
  3. Search for and book a car near you on the website or app
  4. 15 minutes before your trip, log in to the app to get all the instructions you need

Borrow a car with Instant Keys technology to get on the road faster. With Instant Keys cars, the keys are kept in a secure lockbox that you open with the app. With Key Handover cars, you meet the Owner to pick up and return the keys.

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The most sustainable way to access a car

Neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing with Car Next Door is the greenest way to access a car. You'll be making use of cars that are already sitting around idle in our streets so it's a great use of the resources we already have. Plus, we'll offset all the emissions from your driving through Greenfleet's native reforestation projects.

By making it possible to turn any car into a share car, we're reducing waste and creating cleaner, greener, better neighbourhoods.

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