Neighbour to Neighbour Car Sharing Hits the Gold Coast

Neighbour to Neighbour Car Sharing Hits the Gold Coast

If you live on the Gold Coast you’ve been wanting to reduce the costs of owning your car, now you can!

The Car Next Door car sharing network in Brisbane has grown to over 80 cars, utes and vans shared with a community of nearly 2,000 registered borrowers, adding to the national network of over 1,200 privately owned share cars and 50,000 borrowers.


Launching on the Gold Coast this November we’re expecting to have cars ready for approved borrowers to borrow when owners aren’t using them, allowing owners throughout the Gold Coast to make some passive income from their cars to offset the cost of ownership.
The Gold Coast already has a very busy car rental industry with plenty of out of town visitors and locals needing to get to areas that are not well serviced by public transport, so we expect that owner’s cars will be kept busy with new borrowers and borrowers who are already on the platform.
Its a win-win situation, because borrowers can save on the cost of car ownership by not needing to own a car to get around, renting cars out only when they need it, and the money goes back to owners, keeping money in the local community. For borrowers, as more cars join the platform it becomes more convenient to borrow cars because they are closer to home. Additionally, because borrowers can rent cars by the hour, or by the day, they can save money on car rental when they don’t need a car for a whole 24 hours.

How does Car Next Door work?

Car Next Door is a unique alternative to other car sharing options because it enables verified members who’ve had licence and credit history checks to borrow cars without needing to meet the owner and hand over keys. This is because of the unique lockbox that we supply and the calendar booking system, so owners have the ultimate control over when their car can be borrowed and making it a lot more convenient for owners to rent out their cars.
At the start of a booking, borrowers are given a code to access the keys from the lockbox and a GPS tracker tracks the distance that borrowers travel so that owners can be paid direct to their bank accounts each month minus a monthly $60 membership fee which covers roadside assist and insurance. Car Next Door’s insurance covers the borrowers and owners for damage and replaces the owner’s existing comprehensive insurance, so there’s usually a saving straight away.

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A more connected, less congested Gold Coast

Peer-to-peer car sharing is going to introduce another transport alternative into the Gold Coast area for those who don’t own cars and provide an opportunity for car owners who don’t use their car a lot to recoup some of the costs associated with ownership. It’s estimated that one share car can take as many as 5-10 cars off the road, so the move will also help to work towards easing traffic congestion. Millions of cars in Australia sit idle 96% of the time. It’s a waste! Car Next Door turns any car into a share car – saving people money, building community, and helping the environment.

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