Building the Car Next Door community

Building the Car Next Door community

Building community, along with helping the environment and helping people save money, is what really drives Car Next Door. Our members are a diverse bunch, and they may only get together for a bush dance once a year (yes, really!), but we’re proving that you can build a strong and connected community somewhere in the crossover between the Interwebs and Real Life.

Member screening

We start by choosing all of our members carefully. We’re not just looking for people with a good driving history and clean credit record. We want people who look after each other – the kind of people who read parking signs, put rubbish in the bin, and are kind to cars. Yes, people like you.

It’s hard to judge that kind of stuff on the basis of a membership application, so we build trust and get to know each other through online profiles and member feedback.

Member profiles and reviews

We ask our members to write a short profile and post a photo, so that everyone can see the person behind the car or the booking. We also encourage any member who has borrowed a car or lent one out to post feedback on the car or borrower concerned. Car reviews are posted with the car’s description. Member reviews are sent to the member directly.

This means that if you’re looking for a car to borrow, you can rely on word of mouth from other members as well as the owner’s description of it. It encourages owners to keep their cars nice, and is a great way for borrowers to voice their appreciation for cars they especially like.

You can help to build the Car Next Door community by updating your member profile and posting reviews for any cars you’ve borrowed.

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