How to create the perfect profile for your car listing

How to create the perfect profile for your car listing

When you're renting your car out, having a great profile helps to attract bookings and keep regular borrowers coming back. More bookings means higher earnings so you can offset the cost of owning your car.

Here are 5 simple tips to make your car look its best:

1: Take a great photo of your car


When Borrowers are browsing through available car share vehicles, the photo is the first impression they get of your car. Make it stand out with:

  • Good lighting: cloudy days work well, and early morning or late evening is better than midday sun.
  • An angle that shows the whole car: from the side, or a front corner, is best. Avoid 'rear end' shots showing your car wedged into a parking space or garage.
  • An interesting background: this one's optional, but keep an eye out for a nicely textured wall or fence or scenic backdrop, where you can park, whip out your phone and snap a photo. If your car lives in an underground garage, bring it out to the street for a photo.

2: Write a clear, succinct description

Describe your car with just a few words that explain its key features. Keep it short: people won't read more than two or three sentences.

The text will display in a block, so don't use bullet points or paragraph breaks.

For example, this one lets potential borrowers know the car's best features at a glance:

"This car is really easy to drive and park whilst being surprisingly roomy. It also has a parking permit for 'G' parking which is located in most areas of Glebe."

While this description has too much specific detail (save it for the "what borrowers must know before driving" field):

"Please photograph each wheel before and after booking as well as the rest of the car. If you would like Roof Racks - Call 0428 828 824 - I will look into getting them fitted. If you want this car cleaned ready for a function (it is parked under trees with birds and bats sometimes) call me on 0428 828 824. Medium Size BMW SUV - This is the 4 wheel drive 3.0 litre 6 Cylinder Diesel (xDrive 30d). M-Sport - Firmer ride. - best to avoid potholes and rough road. It isn't meant for rugged terrain "Off Road" driving. BMW Navigation. Reverse Parking Camera. Forward and rear Parking coloured Sonar Display. Cruise Control. Bluetooth phone Control - Streaming. USB audio / charging. Nice sound system and Radio. Voice commands. iDrive selector. Electric rear Hatch/Gate - Please use the open and close buttons - don't lift open or push close. If you haven't driven a BMW before and want help with - call and I will assist over the phone or in person if at home."

3: Add a photo of yourself


Don't be shy! Having a photo of yourself on your car's profile page makes your profile page more appealing, and encourages borrowers to take good care of your car in the knowledge that there's a real person behind it.

If you really don't feel comfortable sharing a photo of yourself, then you could use another image for your profile - but don't leave it blank, as this will mean the generic 'anonymous' icon shows on your profile.

4: List your car's features

Borrowers may be looking for specific features, like roof racks, AUX input for their favourite tunes, or the ability to take a pet. You'll show up in more searches if you've selected all of your car's features.

Make sure to specify the number of doors and seats as well. If you have car seats that you don't want borrowers to remove, then make sure to tell borrowers the number of seats that people can actually occupy.

Don't forget to press "Update" when you're done.

5: Complete the details

Your profile's not complete until you've:

  • written clear and specific parking instructions to help borrowers return the car and avoid parking fines;
  • nominated a back-up contact who can pick up the phone if you're not available; and
  • checked that you've completed all fields on your profile page and account page.
    These will help your car's trips to run smoothly, and make your life as a car-sharer easier.

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