Car Next Door's FREE car sharing Membership

Car Next Door's FREE car sharing Membership

If you are looking to join a hourly or short term car sharing platform, Car Next Door is the only hourly and short term car sharing platform that allows everyone to join for free.

How does car sharing work?

The advantage of car sharing is that you're able to rent a car or van for a couple of hours, instead of a full 24 hours, when you only need if for a little while (e.g. a trip to the shops). Because you might only borrow it for two hours, the car is then able to be borrowed or "shared" with someone else for later in the day. This means you can live car free but stil access a car from time to time.

In Australia there are four main car sharing competitors. Unlike traditional car hire where you can only borrow a car for a day at a time, car sharing is generally setup so that you can hire a car for a couple of hours. Often cars can be found within walking distance of your house.

If you're curious about trying car sharing, or only need a car rarely, Car Next Door allows you to sign up with a free membership, so you can try it out without having to pay to join.

Car Sharing Membership Fees in Australia

Car Next Door

Car Next Door is always free to join and be approved as a borrower. You can sign up, get approved on the Featherweight plan at no cost. We will even process and approve borrowers within three hours (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm)

We have two options for membership, our free Featherweight plan and the premium Heavyweight plan for more regular users who wish to upgrade and save on the cost of rentals.



GoGet Membership Fees

GoGet offer membership tiers - the more you pay for your membership, you get a reduced rate for your bookings. The cheapest standard car sharing membership tier is $49.00 per year. Once you have an active membership then you can book vehicles, the rental costs are charged to you on top of your regular membership fee.

If you are a student, senior or a business GoGet offers a free memberships as long as you provide the required documents to prove your eligibility.


Flexicar Membership Fees

Flexicar has a flat annual membership fee of $49 to join. Once you’re a member you can book vehicles, and your rental cost is additional to your membership fee.

Flexicar also offer a Flexicar Student membership option, with a reduced annual membership fee of $35.


Greencarshare Membership Fees

For a casual membership, which is someone who only uses a car occasionally there is a $55 annual membership fee. The membership fees listed for all these options give you the access to borrow cars. Rental fees are additional.

Greencarshare student membership is a free membership, with no annual fee.


Car Next Door

The biggest difference between Car Next Door and all other short term car sharing platforms listed below, is that our vehicles our owned by private owners. We are a peer to peer car sharing network. Essentially we operate like the Airbnb of car sharing.

With us, you pay a hourly or daily rate, and then a per kilometre charge (the rental fee includes fuel and insurance).

It is free to join Car Next Door. You can fill out an application today, get approved in hours and be fully eligible to borrow vehicles that same day!

We love car sharing in all its forms and think car sharing is the way of the future - but for us we are passionate about peer to peer car sharing in particular! Our goal as a company is to change the one person one car mentality for good!

If you think you'd like to help with that goal by joining Car Next Door as either a car owner or a car borrower we look forward to welcoming you!

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