Our cars plant trees! How we offset carbon emissions through Greenfleet

Our cars plant trees! How we offset carbon emissions through Greenfleet

So now you’re a car-sharer – or maybe just thinking about it.

It might be that having your choice of vehicle for any occasion and patting the wad of saved cash in your pocket (or maybe just thinking about it) is enough to give you warm fuzzies right down to your toes. But we know there will be those among you who still suffer from little pangs of eco-anxiety as you hear the engine rev. Sure, it’s odourless and invisible, but that doesn’t stop you sniffing the faint smell of carbon dioxide, or seeing it wisp out from the exhaust pipe.

Car Next Door shares your concern. That’s why we offset the emissions from our borrowers’ fuel use through Greenfleet’s native reforestation projects.

Of course, reducing emissions is the most important step you can take to reduce your impact on the climate. Car-sharing helps with this. By borrowing a car only when you need one, and using your bike, your legs, the bus or whatever else floats your boat (maybe a boat?) to meet the rest of your transport needs, you’re already lowering your carbon footprint. Offsetting is a way to mitigate those unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from transport fuel.

Every time you borrow a Car Next Door car, your greenhouse gas emissions are 100% offset.

It’s all part of why we are doing what we are doing and what we believe.
So sniff again, our eco-anxious friends. Breathe deep! That’s right – it’s the sweet smell of nothing.
Read more about our carbon offsetting activities here


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