Car Next Door members – building our community

Car Next Door members – building our community

We’ve seen some great examples of the Car Next Door community in action recently, and thought we’d share some stories with you.

Phone home

One of our members was in a borrowed car on the other side of town when she felt that something was not right with the power steering. She called Car Next Door, who in turn checked with the owner to find out if he knew what was wrong. He told her to call roadside assistance – but the story doesn’t end there.

The owner offered to book another Car Next Door car from down the road and drove across to meet the borrower. He gave her the new car so that she could get on with her day, and waited with his car until roadside assistance came and fixed the problem and he could drive it home. What a hero!

A growing gardening community

Another of our members, Annie, is a grandmother and keen community gardener. She has a child seat for the times when she uses her car to collect her grandchild, and can put it in or out of her car on a borrower’s request.

Annie met Penny through their membership of the Waverly Park Community Garden. Penny joined Car Next Door too. When Penny had a baby, she was able to book and use Annie’s car through Car Next Door. They could organise the car-sharing easily, and were both comforted to know that everything is covered on the legal front through Car Next Door’s insurance.

Its not us, it’s you

99.9% of our members are awesome, caring, responsible and on-board with the values of the Car Next Door community. If they’re not, they’re out. It’s how we protect owners’ cars and keep the community strong.

On the rare occasion that a member doesn’t do the right thing, they get a warning. If they’ve done something really dumb – like get into the car in soaking wet boardshorts (yep, seriously) – they’ll pay to fix the damage plus an inconvenience fee to the owner.

And if they’re really just not getting it, well – we have to tell them it’s over between us. We had one borrower who left other members in the lurch by not returning a car on time – three times. That’s when we knew he just wasn’t our type, and cancelled his membership.

But that’s the very rare exception to the rule. We’ve been stoked to get to know all of our lovely members, and we’re growing the community with new cars and new borrowers every week.

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