4 great incentives to ditch the car for short trips

4 great incentives to ditch the car for short trips

We’ve talked about why choosing an alternative to the car for short trips is good for your health and good for the environment. But habits are hard to break. Here are four ways that we’ve used to motivate ourselves to choose more active transport for trips up to 5 kilometres. We’d love to hear yours, too.

  • Think about the trips you make regularly – could you walk or ride instead of driving? Time the trip door-to-door and see how much longer it really takes if you leave the car at home. Then try this walking calculator to see how many calories you could burn, and multiply it by the times each week you make that trip.


  • Part way is OK! Even if you can’t walk or ride to work, just walking or riding to a bus stop or train station will get more activity into your everyday life.
  • Get out the headphones and listen to music, the radio, podcasts or an audiobook (most local libraries will let you download them for free) as you walk or take public transport. Time flies when you’ve got a good yarn on the headphones, and you can easily walk for 30 or 40 minutes without noticing how far you’ve gone.
  • Add up the amount you spend on your car each year and then divide it by months, weeks or days. If, like the average Australian, you spend around $9,000 a year on your car, then you’re spending nearly $25 a day to have it sitting in the driveway. Improve your finances and health by choosing to live car free: sell your car and use car-sharing, public transport, a bike, taxi or Shanks’ pony to get around instead. Join Car Next Door and get access to a car at low cost when you need to drive.

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