7 Simple Car Detailing Tips from Smart Polish Pro

7 Simple Car Detailing Tips from Smart Polish Pro

With Summer just around the corner it’s only a matter of weeks before you can finally enjoy a beach weekend – and maybe show off a little on drive there in your gleaming pride and joy. With that in mind, we asked our friends at Smart Polish Pro for some simple detailing tips to give your car that perfect finish at home, so you can [save money] (https://blog.carnextdoor.com.au/what-your-car-actually-costs-you-and-how-to-save-thousands/) on a professional car clean.

1. Wax your vehicle regularly

Regular waxing will ensure your car stays shiny and prevents a build up of rust. A good wax will repel water and make future cleaning a lot easier. Keeping on top of waxing will also protect the car from UV Rays that can discolor the paint over time.


Going over your freshly washed car with a separate wax product can be extremely time consuming. Smart Polish Pro’s Waterless Wash & Wax formula combines both the washing and waxing steps. It contains a high concentration of natural Carnauba wax and leaves a high gloss finish that lasts weeks. Time saved on car cleaning means more hours at the beach!

2. Check the weather conditions

Always clean your car when the bodywork is cool and out of direct sunlight. Liquids evaporate a lot quicker on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight, which can leave ugly water marks. We recommend cleaning your car in the morning, in the shade or in your garage to ensure the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight.

3. Don’t forget your tyres!

Tyres face the harshest conditions, like heat, water, road tar, dirt, grime and general degradation. Tyre cracking is a particular problem in areas with warm climates due to the strong UV Rays.


A good tyre dressing will help to prevent cracking, fading and hardening of your tyres while leaving behind a deep shine. Make sure you go for a water-based dressing over a solvent-based one: water-based dressings shouldn’t damage the rubber, while solvent-based ones contain ingredients that may lead to premature drying and cracking over time.

4. Keep the interior spotless too

When you’re renting your car out it’s important to keep it neat and tidy inside – no one wants to drive a car full of rubbish and someone else’s odds and ends! Keeping a small bag or bin the boot makes it easy to clear out rubbish, and a quick once over with a handheld vacuum will take care of any dust or dirt on the seats and in foot wells. If you keep a small collection of cleaning supplies in the boot or glove box you might even find that some Borrowers will do a quick clean for you!

If you’re looking for a professional, solvent-free, multi-purpose interior cleaner, check out Smart Polish Pro’s Interior Detailer, which is designed to clean all interior surface materials quickly and safely.

5. Check the underbody regularly

Check under the body of the car for potential repairs and replacements on a regular basis. Regularly degreasing the metal components in the underbody and getting rid of rust and dirt can really make a difference to your car’s life expectancy.

6. Invest in some microfibre cloths

Maintain a good supply of clean Microfibre Cloths for your vehicle. Never clean you car with a dirty rag, or any fabric other than Chamois or Microfibre. Doing so will certainly leave behind ugly streak marks that will attract dust and dirt very quickly, making your cleaning efforts worthless. Most high quality microfibre cloths can be re-used many times so a good cloth is definitely worth the investment.

7. Clean your wipers for a streak-free windscreen

Wipe down your windscreen wipers with a rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windscreen. This one's important for safety as well as keeping your car shiny and clean!

Keeping your car clean not only helps keep it running in tip-top shape for longer, but also attracts repeat customers – if Borrowers have a good time in your clean car they’ll be sure to come back again and again.

Smart Polish Pro are redefining the way vehicles are traditionally detailed by developing a range of premium formulas that require zero H2O. Check out the range and use the promo code CNDMEMBERS10 for 10% off your order.

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