39 easy ways to make extra money in Australia

39 easy ways to make extra money in Australia

Looking to make some extra cash or just make the most of your spare time? There are heaps of jobs that need weekend workers or an extra set of hands now and then, and a lot of fantastic opportunities for you to start your own side hustle in ten minutes.

If you are looking for some weekend work, or considering starting a part-time side hustle on top of your main income, it’s important to consider how you're going to fit it in to your life and day job.

Have fun!

Work is important, but so are your family, friends and a healthy work/life balance. The challenges you’ll be facing starting this second job will be there tomorrow, and the day after, so make sure to give yourself time to just enjoy life and the people you care about.

Don’t compete with your first job

If you think you’ve spotted a business opportunity from knowledge you’ve gained in your first position, make sure you consider whether you'll be competing with your employer. Many employment contracts have non-compete clauses or prohibit you using insider information outside of the company. If you're not sure, check your contract or ask your HR Manager.

Give yourself credit

Trying to add to your full time work load - whether that’s starting a second business, a gig in the share economy, or more hours at another job - is going to be tough. Don’t beat yourself up if you find it hard or struggle at times! Give yourself a pat on the back for challenging yourself.

Don’t let your main job slip

Your full-time position is your most important and is likely going to be the one that's generating the majority of your income. Don’t unintentionally deprioritise your job by focusing on your new and shiny second position.

39 ways to earn extra money

  1. Rent out your car
  2. Want to make some money with your car, but not keen to spend hours driving around playing taxi driver? You can rent it out to people in your community when you’re not using it instead. You’re fully insured for each trip, with 24/7 roadside assistance, and drivers are screened with ID and credit history checks.

    Andy has made $40,000 sharing his unused van on Car Next Door. Renting your car out is a great way to offset the cost of car ownership and cut your car's costs.

    Andy Corcoran

  3. Participate in focus groups
  4. Sign up with market research companies who run focus groups on behalf of their clients. They'll send you screening surveys and if you fit what they are looking for you can get paid to give your opinion. You can make $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the length of the interview.

  5. Sell your extra stuff
  6. With Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Gumtree, it’s easier than ever to sell your unwanted items. Instead of looking for an easy second job, first have a clear-out of your stuff – you might be surprised by how much you could make from things you already own. You could also offer it as a service to others: you list and sell their additional unwanted items on their behalf for a service fee or a cut of the profits.

  7. Food Delivery
  8. You can use a bike, motorbike, car or scooter to deliver for Ubereats, Deliveroo or Menulog. These jobs are really flexible: you decide when and how much you work. Food delivery is an easy way to earn extra money because there is a high demand for it in evenings - times that are typically free if you work 9-5.

  9. Be a secret shopper
  10. If you enjoy shopping, this may be the best weekend job you’ll ever have! Mystery shoppers or secret shoppers go in to and shop at stores and report back to the company on the service they received. Sign up with a mystery shopping agency to get on the list of potential shoppers. It probably won't be regular work, but it’s an easy way to earn a bit of extra cash now and again.

  11. Distribute flyers
  12. There are plenty of companies and events that need people to hand out flyers in busy areas, like train stations. It might not be the most interesting work, but it's a pretty easy way to get a few hours work without needing to give up your entire weekend.

  13. Share your home
  14. Airbnb, Stayz, Tripping, VRBO, Homestay are all sites where you can share your home for some extra cash. If you have a spare bedroom in your place, rent it out to short-term visitors to offset your rent. Make sure you check your lease first, as you might need your landlord's permission.

  15. Work at a farmers' market stall
  16. Farmers' markets are typically held on weekends and stallholders often need people to help with setting up their stalls, sell their wares and pack everying all up at the end of the day. You can expect to have to start early on a Saturday or Sunday for this one, but you might be able to score some bargains at the same time.

  17. Become a barista
  18. Australians love their coffee and if you can master the art of making a perfect flat white, you’ll always be able to find work as a barista. Weekends are the busiest times for a lot of cafes, and many need an extra pair hands on Saturdays and Sundays. If you've got barista skills or you're keen to learn, pop in to some of your local cafes and see if they need any help.

  19. Walk some pooches
  20. Being a dog walker is a great way to earn some extra cash while also getting a bit of exercise in. Plus you get to hang out with some cute puppers! Put out an ad on Gumtree or sign up with MadPaws to list your services. Professional dog walkers charge from around $20 per dog per hour.

  21. Crafting on Etsy
  22. An Etsy business is one you can easily start for under $100. If you enjoy crafts, this is great way to turn your hobby into a side job. Just take some photos of your crafts and set up a store on Etsy. You can do as much or as little as you like, but the more stock you have available the more you'll be able to sell and the more repeat customers you'll have.

  23. Be a brand ambassador
  24. You know when you’re walking down the street and you see a very smiley person offering you free can of a new soft drink, or some kind of snack bar? These people are called “brand ambassadors” and you can find these jobs advertised on any job site. Unlike flyering, you are expected to interact with passers-by and essentially represent the brand by being friendly and cheerful. If you enjoy meeting new people this could be a fun second job for you!

  25. Join a wedding band
  26. If you can sing or play an instrument, look for positions in existing wedding bands. Particularly if you’re a music student, this is a great way to balance your studies with some extra income.

  27. Be a party bus driver
  28. Who likes to party? We like to party! Get used to asking that question if you sign up for a gig as a party bus driver.

  29. Translator
  30. If you speak a second language, consider working as a translator. You can often work from home, so it's really flexible work. You can also work to becoming a specialist translator, which means you have specialist subject knowledge, for example in medical or legal fields. Specialist translators tend to be higher paid, so it's a great way to combine your language and specialist skills and maximise your income.

  31. Nanny or babysitter
  32. If you’re good with kids, sign up or advertise your services as a babysitter. You can also sign up with an agency, but advertising your services yourself means you'll keep keep the total fee yourself, instead of the agency taking a commission. Note: you will need a Working with Children Check.

  33. Fundraising
  34. You can get employed by a charity to source new donations for them by either calling people or standing on the street and talking to passers-by. The job is one of the harder ones on this list as you’ll need to be prepared for some rejection, but could also be one of the most rewarding.

  35. Day labourer
  36. They say it’s a good sign of a city when there are cranes everywhere, and boy do we have a lot of those. Have a look online for people advertising for day labourer jobs.

  37. Computer skills trainer
  38. If you can send emails and know how to permanently delete files from your hard drive, there is a lot of easy work available assisting with basic computer skills for retirees and the not-so-technically-savvy. It’s an easy weekend job helping people learn more about computers.

  39. Petrol station attendant
  40. Not the most glamorous job, but between truck drivers and people on long trips, many petrol stations are kept open 24/7, which means there is no shortage of weekend work available for you.

  41. Stadium worker
  42. If you have a sports team you really like, you might be able to get paid to work at their games! You won’t be able to sit and watch, but you’ll be paid to soak in the atmosphere (and get paid while doing it).

  43. Be a model
  44. If you’ve got it, flaunt it - and luckily we all have it! Many art schools need models for life drawing classes. It’s worth noting that a lot of these are nude models, so make sure you confirm the expectations and you're comfortable with the job before you accept!

  45. Work at the movies
  46. If you love movies, this job will be for you. Many cinemas will offer super discounted tickets to their staff as a perk. With the weekends and evening being primetime for moviegoers, you’ll likely be able to find enough work on the weekend for your needs.

  47. Wedding photographer
  48. Weddings are a multi-billion-dollar business for a reason. If you can build up a good reputation as a photographer, your word-of-mouth referrals will be enough to keep you busy! If you're just starting out, contact established wedding photographers and see if they need an assistant.

  49. Tutoring business
  50. Tutoring is targeted at all ages, from primary school students all the way through to university students. You can sign up with a tutoring provider as one of their tutors, or advertise your tutoring privately online.

  51. Grow your own succulents
  52. Succulents are on trend at the moment. From decoration at cafes to Kmart, you can find these everywhere - and they start from about $8 for a baby succulent in a pot. You can find instructions online to grow these easily yourself to sell at local markets.

  53. Teach a class
  54. If you have a topic you are knowledgeable in, or something you are good at, you can teach a class at your local community center or library. You can charge for admission and teach painting, yoga, computer skills, a language or anything you like.

  55. Run a face painting stall
  56. Practice a few classic face painting designs before heading to a local market or event where you can setup. If you don’t have any nearby, check with your local council about setting up on the weekend at a park.

  57. Run a cleaning business
  58. You don’t need much more than some decent cleaning products, a bucket, mop and a vacuum to get going as a mobile cleaning business. Offering your services for general household cleaning is a very achievable way to start your business without a huge cost.

  59. Farm work
  60. It is physically hard work, but with some experience you can make decent money picking fruit. Plus you’ll get to be outdoors and enjoy some sun. This is a great weekend job that doesn’t require customer service skills.

  61. Private chef
  62. Instead of cooking in a restaurant, these days there is a market for busy families who want quality home-cooked food but don't have the time to cook themselves every day. Advertise your services online or offer your food on FoodByUs.

    Photo by Alyson McPhee

  63. Become a bartender
  64. Unsurprisingly, Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest periods for bars. Not only will you be able to earn some extra cash, but if you enjoy going out on your weekends, this is a way to reduce the money you’re spending on drinks and dinners while still getting to be a part of the nightlife!

  65. Tour guide
  66. There are a number of tour guide operators, and they tend to have two pricing structures. Either you are paid an hourly rate and tour attendees pay a flat rate for your tour; or there is the pay-as-you-feel option where people can come for free and they pay you what they think it’s worth at the end.

  67. Language teacher
  68. Help a language student improve their spoken skills by spending an hour or two conversing with them and providing feedback on their accent and sentence construction. One of the most valuable tools you have, particularly as a native speaker, is the colloquial terms and phrases that are rarely taught at language schools.

  69. Professional house-sitter
  70. Get paid to look after people's houses and water their plants while they go away on vacation. If you can build a good reputation, this business could also supplement your travel plans!

  71. Social media assistant
  72. They say it takes 10,000 hours to be really good at something. How long have you spent training your social media skills? Many small companies don’t really have the resources to hire someone full time to manage their social media, so approach some small businesses that you think you could help out a few hours a week to improve their reach.

  73. Start an online store
  74. With shoppers moving more and more to an online market, you can now easily set up your own online stall, selling anything from arts and crafts that you’ve made to a product that you think people will like.

  75. Personal sport coach
  76. If you played tennis, AFL, rugby, swimming or did any sport at a decent level, why not look into private coaching?

  77. Transcriptionist
  78. You can typically start with no experience as a general transcriptionist, and then with experience specialising in medical or legal transcriptionist you can earn more. This position tends to offer flexible working conditions, and so you can work it to suit your own schedule.

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