4 tips for taking the best car photo for your profile

4 tips for taking the best car photo for your profile

Your car’s profile photo is the first thing Borrowers see when they’re searching for a car. Having a great photo can make your car stand out from the crowd and attract bookings. Does your car’s photo need a refresh? Follow these simple tips to taking a winning car photo.

1. Check your lighting

Good lighting is the key to a good photo. If it’s too dark or too bright, your photo won’t come out well. Cloudy or overcast days work best, and you should try to avoid the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s brightest. If it’s a really sunny day, try moving your car to a shady area where the light will be softer and more even. On bright days it's also best to shoot with the sun behind you, otherwise your car will be backlit and will appear very dark.


2. Get your car in focus

A blurry photo isn’t going to show your car at its best! Make sure your photo is sharp with your car clearly in focus - it’s the star of the show after all! If you’re taking your photo with your phone, tap the screen where you want the camera to focus.


3. Look for good angles

Your car might not have a ‘good side’ like we humans do, but there are still some angles that will make it look better than others. Taking the photo from a front corner is best as this will allow you to show the front and one whole side of the car. Avoid rear end shots showing your car wedged into a parking space or garage, or photos that only show one side of your car. If you want to get really creative, play around with where you stand: get down low or move closer or further away to see what looks best.


4. Find an interesting background

Look for an eye-catching background, like a nicely textured or coloured wall, a scenic view, or even a park or beach. If your car lives in a garage or driveway, bring it out into the open to take the snap. If a pretty backdrop isn't an option for you, at least do a quick check of what's in the background of the photo - wheelie bins, hard rubbish on the nature strip or a fence that's seen better days will detract from your car's appeal.


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